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Hanna Linnéa Ryd: No time to waste

Hanna Linnéa Ryd, an upcycling fashion designer, is the creative mind behind HURRA PANGPANG. Her passion lies in transforming forgotten items into wearable treasures and promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

Hanna believes that "nothing is waste until we waste it", and her creations reflect this philosophy. She upcycles second-hand, worn-out items into furniture, cushions, and other accessories. She aims to inspire others to think twice about their possessions before discarding them.

The room of sustainability 

A fresh coat of paint can bring an old piece of furniture back to life, giving it a new identity that suits your style and personality. Similarly, children's toys can be repurposed into quirky and comfortable pillows, adding a touch of whimsy to any room.

But the key to successful upcycling is a well-organised area for your projects, allowing you to better utilise the space and equipment at your disposal. For example, a loft bed like the STORÅ can be used to maximise floor space, creating a work or study area underneath. The SKADIS pegboard is perfect for keeping all your tools and equipment organised, while a large, flexible work surface can accommodate a variety of different activities and tasks.

It’s about more than just designing spaces, it is about being part of a movement that is committed to building a healthier and more sustainable world. 
With these rooms we are introducing various aspiration topics with related behavioural changes wrapped in new and exciting aesthetics.


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