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Darren Todd: Safe haven

Meet Daren Todd, a muralist, illustrator and designer based in Portland, Oregon, he is the proprietor of Art Larger Than Me, a creative studio and gallery catering to clients across residential real estate and the commercial film industry. Todd's recent work centres on the convergence of abstract expressionism and graphic portraiture, as well as the amalgamation of both styles into harmonious paintings and designs. 

How to build your own

By incorporating personal touches, one can easily transform their temporary dwelling into a sanctuary, suitable for a variety of activities such as work, clothes storage and recharging. Small living spaces often require multi-functional furniture, such as a dining table that can be used for socialising, eating, or even as a mini-office.

To create a sense of spaciousness, avoid storing everything at ground level. Instead, make use of the wall space by hanging cabinets, shelves and peg boards. By installing the IVAR, ENHET and SKÅDIS you can create a multi-functional storage system that maximises vertical space.

To further save floor space, consider the FLEKKE bed, which can be used for under-bed storage. By placing belongings in boxes under the bed, the room will feel less cluttered, making it easier to focus and relax. Additionally, by painting untreated wood furniture with a unique design, one can add a touch of personality to the space.

It’s about more than just designing spaces, it is about being part of a movement that is committed to building a healthier and more sustainable world. 
With these rooms we are introducing various aspiration topics with related behavioural changes wrapped in new and exciting aesthetics.

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