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Ryan Wong: Dream dive

Ryan Wong is an inspired creator who draws on the aesthetics of lost-scale objects to explore the outer limits of artistic expression. Driven by a fearless spontaneity that rejects the labels of collective consciousness, he finds inspiration in the essence of everyday objects which he abstracts and imbues with intuitive expressions.

Wong's creations are driven by both short-term thoughts and long-term accumulated experiences seen in his videos, sculptures, and installations. By channelling his passion for exploring the unknown into his art, he's expanding the vibrant world of contemporary art. 

How to build your fortress of solitude 

In the pursuit of a restful night's sleep, one may turn to the soothing power of nature. The LOHALS natural fibre carpet, crafted from sustainably sourced jute and adorned with natural hues, brings us closer to the tranquillity of the great outdoors. 

With the ELVARLI storage system, you can transform your sleeping quarters into a veritable oasis of organisation and beauty. Its adjustable shelves and rails allow for maximisation of storage space from floor to ceiling. And when privacy is desired, simply draw the curtains closed for a tidy, minimalist aesthetic.

The magic of a peaceful sleep environment lies in the details. For example, the use of BLODLÖNN mirrors in a corner creates a sense of infinite underwater wonder, with wave patterns on the ceiling appearing to mimic the sparkling surface of the sea. The SYMFONISK speakers playing the soothing sounds of waves and water only add to the immersive and calming experience.

The importance of a bedtime ritual cannot be overstated. By keeping a RÅSKOG trolley at arm's reach, complete with a carafe of water, a candle with a relaxing scent, and a good book, individuals can disconnect from the stresses of their day and prepare their minds and bodies for restful slumber. 

Plan your home storage with customized style

ELVARLI storage solutions help you to neatly organize your books, clothes or beautiful decorative items in your home. Shelves, hanging rods and adjustable columns help you make the most of all the space from floor to ceiling.

Reach-in wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes and corner wardrobes, or more versatile areas can be arranged in almost any open space.

ELVARLI planner

It’s about more than just designing spaces, it is about being part of a movement that is committed to building a healthier and more sustainable world. 
With these rooms we are introducing various aspiration topics with related behavioural changes wrapped in new and exciting aesthetics.

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