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For us, understanding what life at home truly means is a passion. Over the last 10 years we've spoken to people from as many as 40 countries to understand how we can make homes better. Here, you will find a glimpse of the Life at Home Report 2023. Dive into a decade’s worth of discoveries and learn how we enable meaningful change for the many people across the world. 

Life at Home across the world

Learn more about this year's Life at Home Report through stories of how people feel about their home. Explore data and insights uncovered from this year's research and discover how you can overcome the tensions people are facing all around the world.

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Three day-to-day tensions

Digging into a decade of research, we discovered three recurring tensions getting in the way of a better life at home. These tensions show a push and pull pressure that millions of people live with each day.

Doing more vs. doing less

Many people face the doing more vs. doing less dilemma every day. Should we keep busy or take it easy? Our research suggests that the struggle between productivity and relaxation plays out in how we use our homes and what we choose to do (or not do) within them. We found that 21% of people globally feel that never-ending tasks or chores prevent them from feeling in control of life at home. The right balance between doing more and doing less is discovering what’s comfortable for each of us.

How to balance work from home

Whether it’s tidying up at home or making home your extended office, nothing beats the feeling of completing a to-do list. Unlock efficient ways for being productive at home.

Better sleep begins here

Is it difficult for you to switch off with too much on your mind? Find helpful ways to get more rest with our range of sleep solutions.

Togetherness vs. privacy

We all need our own space, and we all need to spend time with our loved ones. This year’s research uncovered that 21% of people globally find a sense of belonging from shared values with others in our community. Whether we see our homes as a place to escape to or a place to connect is never black and white. Striking the delicate balance between both needs to lead fulfilling lives is vital for a better life at home, according to our research.

Ideas to get more social

Hosting a dinner party or a movie marathon? It's always good to have extra ideas to make the evening unforgettable.

Personal space solutions

Everyone needs time to recharge. Find inspiration for carving out a space of your own to get settled and regain your energy.

Living well vs. living within our means

The struggle to live affordably and to live well is a reality for many. According to our survey, 20% of people globally say that accessing green space is important to mental wellbeing. But daily choices like choosing healthier options and more sustainable products within a budget is difficult for many. Finding solutions that bridge this gap are vital for a better life at home.

How to create a calm-down corner at home

Create a zen corner to feel inspired and unwind. Finding ways to relax and nurture your hobbies are an important boost for wellbeing.

How to reduce waste at home

Living within our budget means utilising our resources to the max and limiting wastage. Check out how you can optimise your home.

A glimpse across the world

While surveys are a great way to gather data, we also believe in talking to people inside their own homes. Join us in discovering what home means to them. 

Sayaka and Oliver, Nagano

Learn how Sayaka and Oliver renovated an old house to make it a home for their family and the joy it brings to them now.

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