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Sui Yao: Sunset studio

Welcome to the home of the eternal sunset, together with Sui we have created this space. This room is an explosion of colour that brings the fun, calm and function together. The Sunset Studio is a manifestation of the convergence of art and science, where design and organisation meet to create a space that elevates both form and function. The clever use of colour gradients and layered lighting imbues the room with an immersive ambiance that transforms it into a living, breathing work of art.  The aesthetics of the environment are harmoniously integrated with practicality like how the curtains are dyed with food waste, a subtle reminder of our need to be mindful of the waste we generate.  

In essence, the Sunset Studio is a testament to the power of design to enrich our lives. By incorporating art, science, and mindfulness, this space is more than just a place to live; it is a space to thrive.

But what about when you need to relax? That's where the GRÖNLID footstools come in. These comfortable extensions of the bed provide extra space to read, socialise, or simply unwind. And with the STARKVIND air purifier, you can create a calm space with fresh air and minimal sound.

Of course, it's not just about the physical space. Minimising visual clutter is also key to reducing stress and creating a sense of calm. That's where the PLATSA system really shines, offering storage boxes in different sizes for everything from papers and collectibles to shoes and clothes. By making storage a part of the design, you can quickly find what you need and keep everything tidy and organised.

In the end, creating a calming and organised living space is all about finding solutions that work for you. And with IKEA's smart storage solutions and design ideas, it's easier than ever to create a space that's both functional and beautiful.

It’s about more than just designing spaces, it is about being part of a movement that is committed to building a healthier and more sustainable world. 

With these rooms we are introducing various aspiration topics with related behavioural changes wrapped in new and exciting aesthetics.

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