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Iñigo Studio: Vintage modern, new romantic

Meet Iñigo Gutierrez, a Spanish illustrator from Madrid who resides in Tokyo. He spent several years working in fashion before deciding to move to Japan in search of inspiration and beauty. Over the past year, he has been creating illustrations for magazines, newspapers, and brands, as well as working on his personal project, "Inigo Studio," where he designs T-shirts and art-goodies.

Iñigo's art is characterised by nostalgic imagery, bold colours, and black ink strokes, often incorporating atmospheric and inspiring wording and fonts. His work aims to create a unique and captivating world that reflects his creative vision. 

Repurposing made easy

The home is a multi-purpose space that can be used for different activities, such as working, resting, creating, and sleeping. The HEMNES bed can be converted into a chill-out area, while the work desk can be used as a buffet. A clothes hanger can also be used hang art pieces, making it easy to reorganize the space as needed. 

The walls can be decorated in various ways, such as painting the mouldings or hanging fabrics. Flexible and stackable furniture, such as KYRRE, can make it easy to move furniture around to suit different needs. 

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