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Obsessed with pink

Yasmin Charlotte, also known as Miss Pink, is a Swiss art teacher who has an unbridled passion for the colour pink. As a young girl, Yasmin was given a pair of pink trousers and a matching cardigan by her mother, igniting a love affair with the vibrant hue that has lasted a lifetime.

Since that fateful day, Yasmin has been collecting pink clothes and accessories with fervour, transforming her bedroom and eventually her entire home into a rosy paradise. Today, she lives in a fully pink house that she has personally decorated with an eye for detail.

Give all your shades a storage upgrade

To keep her pretty collection of pink clothes, shoes, and accessories organised, Yasmin relies on the IVAR modular shelving system. This versatile storage solution allows her to adapt the shelves to suit her needs and can be easily personalised by staining or painting to match her preferred aesthetic. 

TJENA boxes are another can’t do without for Yasmin, providing a practical way to store clothes and accessories while also freeing up unused space on top of furniture. Meanwhile, KNAGGLIG boxes offer stackable, durable storage that can be painted any shade of pink (or any other colour, for that matter).

For the highest shelves, Yasmin uses a BEKVÄM step stool handy - that transforms into a bench for putting on shoes, it's a multifunctionality fits right in with her design ethos. The MULIG clothes bars, too, make a versatile addition to her storage arsenal, with an adjustable width that can accommodate garments of all sizes.

Finally, Yasmin completes the look with LEDBERG lighting strips, adding a touch of personalised illumination to her pink paradise. With these innovative furnishings and storage solutions, Yasmin Charlotte has given birth to a truly unique living space that's a testament to her love for all things pink.

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