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Service Agreement for IKEA E-commerce Website

This is an agreement on website-related matters concerning e-commerce to be signed by the customer and the operator (hereafter referred to as “IKEA”) of IKEA E-commerce Website (hereafter referred to as “E-commerce Website” or “the Website,”). Please carefully read this service agreement, and be sure to fully understand all terms and conditions, especially those about exemption or limitation of liability, legal application and dispute resolution. In the process of reading the Agreement, if you do not agree with the Agreement or any of its terms, you should immediately stop registration. After clicking the button “Agree and Continue”, you will be deemed to have fully accepted the Agreement, which will become a legal document binding on both parties. So please confirm again that you have been aware of and fully understood all terms of the Agreement. Other rights not expressly authorized in the Agreement will still be retained by IKEA; therefore, you must obtain permission from IKEA when exercising such rights. The failure of IKEA in exercising any of the following rights will not constitute a waiver of that right.

1. Privacy policies

Please read our privacy statement to understand our privacy policies and the related practices. This statement applies to your access to the Website.

2. Terms of use

2.1 About terms of use

Please read these terms carefully before accessing to the Website. These terms of use will enable you to know the way of access.

2.2 Protection and authorization of personal privacy information

2.2.1 You may acknowledge and agree that, in order to facilitate the use of services provided by IKEA, your necessary information will be stored, including but not limited to your real name, gender, birthday, delivery address, contact information, and location information. Except as provided by laws and regulations, IKEA will not disclose your personal information to any third party without your permission.

2.2.2 While registering an account or using the Website, you need to provide true identity information, and then IKEA will confirm your ID information based on your mobile phone number according to the relevant requirements of national laws and regulations. If the information provided by you is untrue or incomplete, you will be unable to use access to the Website or restricted during accessing; in addition, you shall assume all liabilities for any adverse consequences arising therefrom.

2.2.3 When you gets a particular service on the Website, the service may have separate agreements, or related business rules (hereafter collectively referred to as “the related agreements”), so you shall read and agree with such related agreements before using the service; if you use the specific services described above, you will be deemed to have read and agreed with the related agreements.

2.3 Information of the Website
We will spare no efforts to ensure normal operation of our website, but we cannot guarantee its availability and accessibility at all times, and (unless otherwise stated in the Agreement), for any damage, loss, cost or expense arising out of your failure in using or accessing the Website, IKEA will not assume any liability. Before the payment for an online order is confirmed, if our price is incorrectly marked, we reserve the right to modify the price and will not sell the product to you based on the price that you first saw on the Website.

2.4 Link and share

Any link or opportunity to share (through social media, blogs, and similar websites and communication services) of the Website is provided for your convenience only. Such a link does not imply our reorganization and recommendation, nor imply any association with the linked website. For contents on any website linked to the Website and legal consequences of any contract signed by you and a third party providing such a linked website, we will not assume any liability. We will not be liable for any damage, loss, cost or expense arising therefrom either.

Please note that if you do share any content on other platforms, other organizations may have also formulated the terms and conditions allowing you to share. Please review the terms and conditions of any website you wish to share certain contents. Some terms and conditions may prevent you from sharing our contents.

For any loss, damage, expense, cost, delay or liability (including but not limited to any economic loss, such as loss of profit) arising from any conditions beyond the range of our reasonable control (including but not limited to any failure of transmission, communication, computer or other equipments, or your failure in visiting the Website due to any reason, or any fault, error or delay during transmitting and receiving any notice, message or statement by mail or any electronic medium), we will not assume any liability.

2.5 Copyright

All rights related to the Website belong to Inter IKEA Systems B.V., including the copyright of all text, descriptions, and images, as well as the logo in the names and labels. You may download the summary from our website to your local hard disk, and then print it for personal use. You may also copy the downloaded summary to others, but you are not allowed to do this for profit. Other than personal use, partial or all of the contents are strictly prohibited from being reproduced in any form. No contents of the Website are allowed to be reproduced in any form (hard copy, electronic copy or otherwise) or incorporated or stored in any other website, electronic retrieval system, publication or work by other means. If you want to apply the contents of the Website to purposes other than those mentioned above (including creation of a website), you must first contact us for obtaining our consent. Unless otherwise stipulated by laws, no unit or individual may illegally copy, reproduce, quote, link, or capture the contents of the Website in any means without special written permission of IKEA, or IKEA has the right to pursue the corresponding legal responsibility.

We will reserve the right to change the terms related to the provided products on the Website. For any change to any legal terms and rules, we will publicize it on the Website 7 days in advance, and apply it to all uses of the Website in the future. You shall periodically review the general terms and rules, as well as our policies, publicized on the Website, because they may be changed after your last access.

2.7 Matters that you cannot do on the Website

When using our website, you may not: (1) Interfere with or disable any security-related functions, or block or restrict the use or copy of the contents accessible from the Website; (2) Provide false information in your account information; (3) Embezzle the identity of any other individual or represent a person, entity or organization without permission; (4) Persist in using the website after being suspended or prohibited; (5) Send junk information or repetitive information; (6) Engage in any illegal acts; (7) Tamper, disturb, intercept, destroy or attack the Website; (8) Deliberately introduce viruses, Trojans, worms, logic bombs or other similar programs, or use the website with the equipments that may harm the website and any user, or adversely affect the browsing experience of any user; (9) Collect any data from the website without conforming to these terms; (10) Submit or provide any abusive, threatening, obscene, untrue, uncivilized, vulgar, horrifying or offensive contents; (11) Maltreat, harm or intimidate other users, our employees or other individuals; (12) Submit or provide any user content without the permission of the content owner, or infringe the copyright, trademark or other rights of a third party in other means; or (13) Submit or provide any false, private, confidential or defamatory information or comments about others (including personal attacks on others based on unverified criminal conducts or serious misconduct, which may seriously harm their reputation in the minds of those who reading the comments); (14) You shall not transmit or publish: The comments inciting to resist and destroy the implementation of the constitution and laws, the comments inciting to subvert the state power and the socialist system, the comments inciting to divide the country and undermine national reunification, and those inciting ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, and inciting to undermine the ethnic unity. If you violate any of the terms of use, we may permanently or temporarily prevent you from accessing to the Website. We will also take other measures, including but not limited to reporting, issuing warnings or prosecuting against you to the police or other law enforcement agencies; for any costs incurred, we will file a claim against you.

3. Terms and rules

3.1 Contract signing

If you order any goods with the Website, the information about the goods and price displayed on the Website form an invitation for offer only, and your order will become an offer to the goods on order. Upon receiving your order, we will send an email or SMS with details of the order to confirm our receipt of your order, but this confirmation does not signify that we accept your order. It may only be deemed that we accept your order when we send an email or SMS for delivery confirmation (informing you of delivery of the ordered goods), in which case, the order contract may take effect. If you order multiple goods in one order, and we only send an email or SMS confirming the delivery of partial goods, the order contract may only take effect with regard to the goods involved. If you do not have the aforementioned civil capacity corresponding to your actions, your guardian and you shall bear all consequences arising therefrom in accordance with the law. The price, announcement and advertisement on the Website will not constitute an offer. Prior to the acceptance of your order by IKEA, there is no contractual relationship between you and IKEA. IKEA reserves the right to unilaterally withdraw the information or terminate the transaction if it finds any obvious error about any goods and order or finds the situation of out of store. In some cases, IKEA reserves the right to limit the number of goods ordered by each buyer. Such a restriction may be made against the orders with the same account number and delivery address. IKEA also reserves the right to limit or prohibit the orders from distributors or wholesalers as judged by us or the “malicious orders”.

3.2 Price

Underlined price

The retail price of authentic products, as well as the guide price of stores and e-commerce website, etc. are not the original price, which are for reference only.

Uncrossed price

The nature of the real-time price of goods shall not be changed due to the differences in expression. The specific transaction price changes according to the product participation activity, whether is the member, or utilization of the discount coupon and so on, subject to the order settlement price finally.

The promotional price and the member price, etc. in the form of pictures or text of the product details page (including main picture) may be the price when using discount coupon, discount or special offers, time period and other conditions, please subject to the list price, preferential terms or activity rules of the settlement page.

3.3 Inventory

The queried store inventory is for reference only due to the reasons such as system update frequency, subject to the actual situation in shopping mall.

In the online shopping process, the offered e-commerce website inventory may be different due to different delivery address, ZIP code, system update frequency, etc. If there is any inventory anomalies in the distribution process, our customer service canter will contact you promptly to modify the delivery time, or to deal with return & exchange, etc.

3.4 Order

• When placing an order on the Website, you shall have the right and ability to purchase the relevant goods. If you are under 18, you may only be allowed to visit the Website under guardianship of your parents or guardians. When you place an order, you are deemed to have fulfilled the above conditions, and be responsible for the authenticity of all information provided in the order.

• When placing an order, please carefully confirm the name, price, quantity, model, specification, size, contact address, telephone number, and consignee with regard to the goods. If you are not the consignee, the consignee’s actions and meanings will be deemed as yours, and you shall be jointly and severally liable for all legal consequences arising from the consignee’s actions and meanings.

• You shall understand and agree that: The information such as goods and price displayed on the Website form an invitation for offer only; when placing an order, you shall fill in quantity, price and payment method, consignee, contact information, delivery address (contract fulfillment location), and contract fulfillment method. The order information is the data automatically generated by the computer information system according to what you filled, and it will form an offer sent to the Website. After receiving the order information, the contractual relation between you and the Website on the actually delivered goods will be established when the Website directly delivers the ordered goods from the warehouse (marked by EX-warehouse of the goods). If you order multiple goods in one order, and the Website only delivers partial goods, the contractual relation between you and the Website will be established on the actually delivered goods. Only when the Website actually delivers other goods in the order, the contractual relation between you and the Website on other actually delivered goods may be established.

• Although the Website has exerted the greatest effort, due to the influence of market changes and factors that are difficult to be controlled with reasonable commercial efforts, it is inevitable that there would be lack of goods ordered by you. In such a case, you may have the right to cancel the order, and the Website may also have the right to voluntarily cancel the order. If you have paid, the payment will be returned.

4. Delivery

4.1 Delivery terms

Such delivery terms only apply to our home delivery service. We will deliver the goods to your home, and always supervise the quality of the service. We may change these terms at any time. You shall review the delivery terms before using our home delivery service.

4.2 Where will we deliver the goods?

We will deliver the goods to the delivery address that you have provided. The location must be within the territory of the People's Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) and can be reached by road. In the case of any maritime transport, we will deliver the goods to the designated carrier, shipping agent or any port within the territory of the People's Republic of China.

4.3 Delivery restrictions

Unfortunately, we cannot deliver the perishable goods.

Some furniture goods are bigger than what you imagine, especially the sofa. Please check the size of the furniture that you ordered, to ensure that there is sufficient space at the delivery address, and the goods are suitable for your room after installation. Before delivery, please ensure that there is sufficient access and space, and the goods can be handled through any stairs and elevators. You must ensure that the house and the surrounding environment will not pose any danger to the delivery personnel. You should remove the fragile items that may be damaged during delivery, such as lights, vases, and photos.

We will try our best to deliver the goods to your designated room, provided that it is safe and practical. However, if the delivery personnel believe that it is not safe to do so, whenever possible, we will negotiate with you to deliver the goods to another room. If our delivery personnel believe that the delivery to the designated room will damage the goods or the room, they will inform you and record the problem on the delivery note. You may still accept this delivery, but we will not be liable for any damage to the goods or the room. However, our delivery personnel will deliver the goods in a reasonable and careful manner.

Our delivery personnel are not allowed to and will not: Remove the items such as doors, windows and door frames, for completing the delivery. You much make proper arrangements before delivery. Our delivery personnel will not carry any special lifting equipment, and will also not take out or install the goods, or remove any package. Our delivery personnel will not take off the shoes during delivery. If you are concerned that the delivery in such a manner will damage your floor, please cover the floor by preventer plates.

4.4 What information do you need to provide?
When arranging delivery, we will ask you to provide some information, which will be recorded on the delivery note, and then we will deliver the goods to your designated address. If you fail to provide us with the complete, correct or accurate information or instructions, we may cancel the delivery and send a written notice to you.

IKEA delivery service depends on your zip code, please input accurate zip code to secure right delivery. IKEA delivery scope, fee, stock, lead time all subject to zip code. IKEA doesn’t take the responsibility for the consequence due to deviation of delivery scope, fee stock, lead time, etc cost by inaccurate zip code.

You shall be responsible for ensuring that you can receive the goods. If not, you must arrange an adult to receive the goods on behalf of you, and you shall also agree that we may complete delivery according to their instructions, just like your instructions. Our delivery personnel are not allowed to drop any goods before signing for receipt. If you are unable to receive the goods, please notify us as soon as possible. We will not assume any liability for any delay in delivery due to your mistakes.

Upon delivery, we will ask you to inspect the goods and packages and whether the number of delivered goods is correct. We will ask you to sign the delivery note for confirmation. If there is any problem, you shall record it on the delivery note. The missing goods will be reordered, and the damaged/wrong goods will be returned and replaced, and delivered to you free of charge. If you find any problem of the goods, the legal rights of sending a notice to us within a reasonable period of time will not be affected. If you refuse to sign the delivery not it will be deemed that you refuse to receive the goods.

4.5 What shall you do if you find any damage to goods after delivery?
If any item is found to be damaged in package, please call IKEA Customer Service Center within 7 days after receiving the goods, and record the problem on the delivery note as soon as possible after delivery. Please carefully keep any damaged item for us to inspect later. If you have dealt with any damaged item prior to our inspection, the subsequent after-sales service will be affected. After inspection, if the damage of the delivered goods is caused by our reasons, we will provide the after-sales service, and if we cannot repair the damage, we will return the payment and freight to you. If any item is damaged due to your fault or negligence during delivery, we will not assume any liability for any damage.  

4.6 Delivery date

We offer the service “delivery on alternate days” in many regions (not all). For some regions, home delivery service will only be provided on fixed days in a week. The service “delivery on alternate days” has a cut-off time every day, and may be affected in the period of high demand and heavy business. In some cases, we will provide the next available delivery time. 4.6.1 The goods that you ordered on the Website will be delivered to your designate delivery address. The delivery time is for reference, which can be estimated according to the inventory status, normal processing procedure, delivery time, and delivery location. You shall clearly and accurately fill the delivery information such as delivery address, contact person and contact information. You shall know and confirm that the ordered goods can only be received by the above contact person after identity conformation. All losses caused by the changes in contact person or the relevant delivery information shall be borne by yourself. 4.6.2 If the delivery is delayed or the goods are unable to be delivered due to the following circumstances, the Website will not assume the liability for the delay:

•           The customer provides the wrong information and unspecific address.

•           The address provided by the customer is not within the range stated by the Website.

•           No one signs for receiving upon delivery, which may result in costs and consequences of re-delivery.

•           Force majeure, such as: natural disasters, traffic curfew, and sudden wars, etc.

4.6.3 If you change the original date of delivery due to personal reasons, please inform us on the day before the original date of delivery, and make a selection within 7 days after the original date of delivery, for us to complete the delivery service. The specific date shall be negotiated by you and IKEA Customer Service Center.

4.6.4 If the delivery cannot fulfill due to the reason below, we will not refund the delivery fee back to you. Moreover, if you need the delivery, we will charge you one more time of the delivery fee:

•           The delivery date modification due to your personal reason, however, you won’t notice us at least one day in advance

•           Delivery cannot fulfill cause the address is incorrect or incomplete

•           Cannot sign for the delivery when driver delivered at the original promise date

4.7 Freight and delivery

The freight shall be calculated based on the volume and weight of the delivered goods, which is applicable to the scope of delivery indicated by the online service. The freight will be charged on the basis of the delivery to a single house or address. The delivery range and freight can be consulted online. In the case of sales promotion, whether to apply the customer freight will be determined by us, and it can be revoked at any time prior to ordering. You must pay the freight at the time of ordering. After payment, we will provide a delivery note with the details for you, and we will deliver all goods to the designated address according to the delivery time and date specified on the delivery note.

4.8 Change order and delivery date, and cancel delivery
Before delivery of your goods, you may change the order and/or delivery time and date, and you may also cancel the delivery. Please note that the delivery of any "customized" goods shall not be cancelled after confirmation. If you change or cancel an order, you may only pay the reasonable fees generated before the time of change or cancellation. If you change the delivery time on the scheduled delivery date, you shall pay the reasonable secondary delivery fee. However, if the change or cancellation is caused by our failure in complying with the terms of delivery, you will not be liable for any costs resulting from such a change or cancellation. If IKEA delivery fails 3 times or above due to your faults, or IKEA delivery fails under the condition of that IKEA cannot reach you via multiple times including but not limited the phone is not answered, the phone is not connected and phone down, IKEA is entitled to cancel your order without your consent.

5. Assembly service

5.1 Contents of the assembly service

• IKEA will provide the fee-based assembly service

• IKEA will provide the fee-based assembly service

• You may contact the online customer service personnel of IKEA to predetermine the assembly service

• In some delivery regions of online shopping, IKEA will provide the delivery and assembly service

• If you change the original date of assembly due to personal reasons (for non-kitchen or bathroom furniture), please inform us on the day before the original date of assembly, and make a selection within 7 days after the original date of assembly, for us to complete the assembly service. The specific date shall be negotiated by you and IKEA Customer Service Center.

• If you change the original date of installation due to personal reasons (for non-kitchen or bathroom furniture), please inform us on the day before the original date of assembly, and make a selection within 31 days after the original date of installation, for us to complete the installation service. The specific date shall be negotiated by you and IKEA Customer Service Center.

• During promotion, the service fee for member goods and promotion goods will be charged based on the original price of the goods

• For safety reasons, the floor cabinet with a height of more than 75 cm and children's furniture with a height of more than 60 cm are recommended to be installed on the wall. If you have handled the assembly service of IKEA, such an operation will be included.

• The wall mounting service will not be provided for non-solid walls and some wall surfaces (mosaic wall, marble wall, vitrified brick wall, toughened brick wall, hollow brick wall, plaster wall, insulation wall, sound-proof wall and diatom ooze wall).

• If IKEA assembly fails 3 times or above due to your faults, or IKEA assembly fails under the condition of that IKEA cannot reach you via multiple times including but not limited the phone is not answered, the phone is not connected and phone down, IKEA is entitled to cancel your order without your consent.

6. Return policy

You may change your decision, and your pleasant shopping experience from IKEA is of great importance to us. Within 60 days (IKEA FAMILY member within 365 days), you have the products in good condition, and original receipt ( e.g. Store receipt, ISELL No. from IKEA Family etc.) and invoice (if issued), we will refund you the same way as you have paid. Bank card and bank card POS receipt are needed if you have paid in this way. Sorry, we do not accept return of food, plants, AS_IS products, customized products, household electric equipment and all products that have already been cut, sewed or painted.

* The return policy above applies only to the products purchased from IKEA stores and IKEA official ecommerce stores in mainland China.

How to return:

• “Product in good condition” means products could sell again as normal commodity, which are not damaged or deformed, no stains, not been washing or used.

• Shopping at and IKEA APP
    o You can apply return through online chat.
    o IKEA offer home collection service for return with IKEA appointed the 3rd party supplier at reasonable price. You can also arrange  your prefer transportation supplier to pick up goods from your home. Please contact with IKEA co-worker to confirm the return location.
    o When the returned products arrived at IKEA, we will issue refund within 7 days. You will get money refund through the original payment methods.
    o It is helpful to keep the original product package and delivery boxes for couple of weeks in case you need to package the products for return.、

• Shopping at your local IKEA store
    o Please bring the products together with the digital receipt, to store exchange & return department for apply service.
    o If you need home collection service, please contact IKEA customer service through online chat.

7. All other legal information

7.1 Warranty

A detailed description of the warranty rights is provided in the description of goods published on the website of IKEA and that attached to the delivered goods. This type of warranty does not belong to and will not affect your statutory rights as a customer.

7.2 Applicable laws

By visiting the Website, you may be deemed to agree with the terms of use, and any dispute between you and the Website shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China.

7.3 Disputes

Any disputes on your visit to the Website or on the goods or services purchased through the Website shall be submitted to Shanghai Arbitration Commission for arbitration in accordance with the arbitration rules in effect at that time. The arbitral award is final and binding on both parties.

7.4 Limitation of liability

7.4.1 Except as prohibited by law, we will not assume any liability for any indirect, derivative, disciplinary, incidental or punitive damages (including but not limited to loss of profits, loss of income, loss of contract, and expenses incurred), even if IKEA has been informed of such damages. For any action in violation of the terms and conditions caused by the circumstances beyond our control, except as prohibited by law, we will assume any liability. If we violate these terms and conditions, we will only be liable for your direct loss, which refers to the loss that you can reasonably foresee when purchasing the goods or services through the Website.

7.4.2 We will strive to provide you with high-quality services, but we will not assume any liability for the damages to you due to the maintenance and connection failure of information network equipments, the failure of computer, communication or other systems, power failure, strikes, riots, fires, floods, storms, explosions, wars, government actions, orders issued by judicial administrative organs or any third party’s reasons.

7.4.3 If IKEA finds or receives any complaint from another individual on your violation of the regulations specified in the Agreement, the Website will have the right to delete or shield the related contents at any time without sending any notice, and perform punishments to the illegal account based on the specific behavior, including but not limited to, warning, restriction or prohibition, and even cancellation. IKEA has the right to take appropriate legal measures for violations of the relevant laws or provisions of the Agreement based on reasonable judgment; it also has the right to keep the relevant evidence in accordance with the laws and regulations, and make reports to the relevant departments for filing. You shall bear all legal liabilities and expenses arising therefrom.

7.5 Compensation

For any request, loss, liability, claim or fee (including the attorney fee) proposed any third party to IKEA, arising from or related to your visiting of the Website, you shall agree to indemnify and protect IKEA and its management personnel, directors, shareholders, predecessors, successors, employees, agents, subsidiaries and affiliates.

7.6 Website policy, modification and severability

Please read other policies released on the Website. These policies also apply to your visiting to the Website. We reserve the right to modify the Website, policies and conditions at any time, and you shall agree to accept such modifications made at any time. If any of these conditions of use is deemed to be revoked, invalid, or unenforceable for any reason, the condition shall be deemed to be severable and will not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

8. Equipment connection

8.1 Visit our website

We will constantly improve the quality of our website, to make it accessible to all users.

8.2 Connection function

8.2.1 Change the font size

The style sheet of the Website may allow you to change the font size. You shall perform such an operation according to the instructions on the browser.

8.2.2 Purchase commodity by visiting our website

• You shall use your own equipments that can surf the Internet, including mobile phone, tablet PC, laptop, desktop, modulator-demodulator and router, etc. • You shall pay the telephone charge and network fee related to the corresponding service. • You shall select and install the appropriate and matched system and browser.

9. Contact us:

If you encounter any difficulties while visiting the Website, please inform us, and we will make an improvement. Please send an e-mail to: CS.CNIKEA@IKEA.COM. Or contact us by other means.

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