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Responsible disclosure policy

Safe and secure together

At IKEA, we value the trust and confidence our customers place in us. That's why the security of our website is so important.

If you've discovered a vulnerability in one of our services we'd appreciate you letting us know about it by submitting your findings* via a Responsible Disclosure report available on our Bugs website.
We'll take a look at your submission and, if it's valid and hasn't yet been reported, we may pay a bounty** for your efforts.

Please visit our Bugs website for further information and terms of our Responsible Disclosure Policy. Together, we can keep secure.

*IKEA won't take legal action against those who discover and report security vulnerabilities in accordance with this Responsible Disclosure Policy.

**Responsible Disclosure reports may result in monetary compensation depending on both scope and potential business impact of the finding. Please note that it is only for the solutions in scope that IKEA will pay a bounty.

At the same time, IKEA China has also set up an information security department. If you have any questions about the IKEA Responsible Disclosure Policy on the bugs website, or want to directly report any vulnerabilities to us , you can contact our information security department via the email address Thank you for your contact and feedback. 

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