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Heather Clements: Together we grow

Heather Clements is an artist and muralist based in Panama City, Florida, who creates artwork that explores the interdependent relationship between humans and nature. Her work combines realistic portraiture with expressive graphic elements and abstractions to create a unique style that aims to inspire a deeper connection with the natural world. She aims to promote sustainable practices and improve mental health by fostering a deeper connection with nature. Over the years Heather has also owned and operated an art gallery/venue space and worked as an exhibitions manager for the Visual Arts Centre of Northwest Florida. Her award-winning artwork has been featured in galleries and museums across the United States.

Building blocks of community 

The perception of safety is just as important as actual safety. By creating a space with comfortable lighting, clear sightlines, and simple rules regarding shared vs. private items, we can minimise negative triggers and foster a sense of security. 

The YPPERLIG table and HAVSTORP cabinets are more than just furniture - they create a generous kitchen and dining area that is perfect for socialising, learning, playing, and connecting with others. By providing multiple chair options and diverse design styles, residents can choose a seat that feels like home, encouraging a sense of belonging. With the added privacy of a curtain, this cosy nook is perfect for getting lost in a good book or simply enjoying some quiet time.

With the IVAR storage range, it's easy to keep shared toys, tools, and art supplies stowed away and organised. The fold-out gym mat is perfect for playful moments with kids, while the closed storage ensures that everything stays tidy and accessible.

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