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Machiko: The minimalist maximalist

Machiko Naito is a Tokyo-based media director, producer, and influencer who runs Retrolog, a web platform that celebrates and preserves old analogue culture. She introduces forgotten or disappearing items to a new tech-driven generation, providing daily messages on how to use old objects, perceive culture, wear clothes, and combine colours. Naito's passion for the past offers a refreshing perspective in a world that often prioritizes the new and shiny.

Keep everything in plain sight

In this space, the storage is characterised by plastic containers that can be easily cleaned and repurposed as waste-sorting stations. Conveniently placed by the entrance door, they are accessible and can be taken along when leaving the house. Adorned with small mirrors, these containers can be personalised with the addition of stickers.

UTÅKER beds have been repurposed as low and cosy sofas, complete with bold and expressive cushions and textiles. When stacked on top of each other, they offer additional space for activities, and when stripped of their pillows, they provide extra sleeping areas. Place the MÖJLIGHET nearby to reach your headphones, and GULLKLOCKA covers add to the vibrancy of colours.

With a focus on personalised storage and reducing clutter, furniture such as the IVAR, TROFAST, EKET, and JONAXEL has been purchased and arranged with care. This approach ensures that all possessions are visible and easy to access, discouraging the accumulation of unnecessary duplicates.

The MICKE desk helps create a small make-up spot in connection with storage where one can put hair clips, necklaces and make-up on display and easily reach for when trying new outfits. 

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