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Available now in 227 cities!

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We offer parcel delivery and truck delivery

· Parcel delivery starts from ¥9.90/package
· For the large furniture and non-parcel range products, we can service you with truck delivery service

A AnHui Province
(Truck delivery starts from ¥249)

AnQing BengBu BoZhou ChiZhou ChuZhou FuYang
HeFei HuaiBei HuaiNan LiuAn SuZhou TongLing
WuHu XuanCheng MaAnShan

B BeiJing City
(Truck delivery starts from ¥119)


C ChongQing City
(Truck delivery starts from ¥119)


F FuJian Province
(Truck delivery starts from ¥249)

FuZhou LongYan NanPing NingDe PuTian QuanZhou
SanMing XiaMen ZhangZhou

G GanSu Province
(Truck delivery starts from ¥249)

LanZhou TianShui WuWei

G GuangDong Province
(Truck delivery starts from ¥119)

ChaoZhou DongGuan HeYuan HuiZhou JiangMen JieYang
MaoMing MeiZhou QingYuan ShanTou ShanWei ShaoGuan
YangJiang YunFu ZhanJiang ZhaoQing ZhongShan ZhuHai
Foshan GuangZhou ShenZhen

G GuangXiZhuangZuZiZhiQu
(Truck delivery starts from ¥249)

BaiSe BeiHai ChongZuo GuiGang GuiLin HeZhou
LiuZhou NanNing QinZhou WuZhou YuLin

G GuiZhou Province
(Truck delivery starts from ¥119)

GuiYang ZunYi QianNanBuYiZuMiaoZuZiZhiZhou

H HaiNan Province
(Truck delivery starts from¥249)


H HeBei Province
(Truck delivery starts from¥249)
BaoDing CangZhou ChengDe HanDan HengShui LangFang
Tangshan XingTai QinHuangDao ShiJaZhuang ZhangJiaKou

H HeilongJiang Province
(Truck delivery starts from¥119)
DaQing SuiHua JiaMuSi MuDanJiang QiQiHaer HaerBin

H HeNan Province
(Truck delivery starts from¥119)

AnYang JiaoZuo KaiFeng LuoHe LuoYang NanYang
PuYang ShangQiu XinXiang XinYang XuChang ZhouKou
Zhengzhou ZhuMaDian PinsgDingShan SanMenXia

H HuBei Province
(Truck delivery starts from¥119)

eZhou HuangGang HuangShi JingMen JingZhou QianJiang
ShiYan SuiZhou TianMen XiangYang XianNing XianTao
XiaoGan YiChang WuHan

H HuNan Province
(Truck delivery starts from¥119)

ChangDe ChenZhou HuaiHua ShaoYang XiangTan YiYang
YueYang ZhuZhou Changsha

J JiangSu Province
(Truck delivery starts from¥119)

ChangZhou HuaiAn LianYunGang NanJing NanTong SuQian
SuZhou TaiZhou WuXi Xuzhou YanCheng YangZhou ZhenJiang

J Jiangxi Province
(Truck delivery starts from¥249)

FuZhouJX Nanchang PingXiang YiChun YingTan

J Jilin Province
(Truck delivery starts from¥249)

Changchun Jilin SongYuan

L LiaoNing Province
(Truck delivery starts from¥119)
Anshan BenXi DanDong Fushun JinZhou PanJin
YingKou Dalian ShenYang HuluDao

N NeiMengGuZiZhiQu
(Truck delivery starts from¥249)
BaoTou ChiFeng Erdos HuHeHaoTe Tongliao HulunBeier

N NingXiaHuiZuZiZhiQu
(Truck delivery starts from¥249)

N QingHai Province
(Truck delivery starts from¥249)

S Shaanxi Province
(Truck delivery starts from¥119)
AnKang BaoJi TongChuan WeiNan XiAn XianYang

S ShanDong Province
(Truck delivery starts from¥119)
BinZhou DeZhou DongYing HeZe JiNing LiaoCheng
LinYi QingDao RiZhao TaiAn WeiFang WeiHai YanTai
ZaoZhuang ZiBo JiNan

S ShangHai City
(Truck delivery starts from¥119)

S Shanxi Province
(Truck delivery starts from¥249)
ChangZhi DaTong JinCheng JinZhong LinFen Luliang
ShuoZhou TaiYuan YunCheng

S SiChuan Province
(Truck delivery starts from ¥119)
DaZhou DeYang GuangAn LeShan LuZhou MeiShan
MianYang NanChong NeiJiang ChengDu SuiNing YiBin
ZiYang ZiYang PanZhiHua

T TianJin City
(Truck delivery starts from¥119)


X XinJiangWeiWuerZiZhiQu
(Truck delivery starts from¥249)

Y YunNan Province
(Truck delivery starts from¥249)
QuJing YuXi Baoshan KunMing ChuXiongYiZuZiZhiZhou

Z ZheJiang Province
(Truck delivery starts from¥119)
Hangzhou HuZhou Jiaxing JinHua LiShui NingBo
QuZhou ShaoXing TaiZhou WenZhou ZhouShan

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4. Proceed to Check Out

-Confirm delivery address

-Select your desired delivery date among the avaliable dates

2. Browse Online and Add to Shopping Bag

-Check stock availability

-Estimated delivery fee and delivery time

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3. Select Assembled Service

-Choose Ikea or Master Wan assembly service

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Delivery Services

At Ikea, shipping costs are never added to the price of your furniture. If you place an order online, we will provide a paid service. A third-party service provider in cooperation with Ikea will deliver the goods to your home for a reasonable fee.

Assembly Services

If you need help, we are also willing to provide door-to-door service. You can choose the assembly service provided by Ikea, or order the assembly service of Ikea brand furniture through the "master family edition" small program, and make an appointment with the master.

Delivery & assembly service

1. How can I know the delivery scope and delivery fee?

Currently, Online delivery area covered 227 cities in China. We provide parcel delivery and truck delivery in 227 cities. You can check your delivery area availability and delivery fee by filling in address and zip code at shopping cart page with products added.
For more detail information please refer to delivery service page.

2. How to book assembly Service?

IKEA offer two kinds of assembly service within delivery areas in China.
Book assembly service via platform ""Wanshifu"": Please place an order first, then scan QR code with wechat to book assembly service on the platform.

Book IKEA assembly service: Choose the assembly service in shopping bag and place an order first, IKEA customer service will contact with you to confirm assembly service fee and service time based on products you had already bought.

For more detail information please refer to assembly service page.

3. How to track my delivery order online?

IKEA service supplier will contact you three hours before the promised time, to secure your availability to receive the delivery goods. For delivery order status, you can follow the status which is updated in “My order” page online, contact with IKEA through online chat.

Other questions about purchase

4. How can I apply for tax invoice?

When shopping at IKEA online: You can receive order confirmation with digital receipt by email after completed online purchase. Scan the QR code in the right corner of your digital receipt and apply the electronic invoice or VAT special invoice yourself according to the system guideline. The VAT invoice will be sent out separately from your products after 15 days from your payment time.

When shopping in an IKEA store: You can apply for electronic invoice yourself by scanning a QR code at the bottom of your receipt. Or you can bring your company invoice information to IKEA Store Invoice Desk to apply for special VAT invoice.

5. How to check online product stock?

After filling in address and zip code in shopping bag page, the availability of the items show. If you are reminded that ”the product is out of stock" in shopping bag, it means that the product is out of stock in this area, you can buy in retail store after checking the stock on the website or move to wish list and buy later.

6. How can I return or refund a product?

Return policy

7. How to contact IKEA customer service?

Please click the chat button on the right to start a conversation or contact customer service by phone: 400-800-2345.
Agency service time: Monday – Sunday: 09:00-21:00