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Bim Eriksson: What's mine is yours

Bim Eriksson, a Stockholm-based graphic novelist and artist. Born in 1991, Eriksson made her mark on the publishing scene in 2016 with her debut book. But it was Eriksson's 2021 graphic novel, "Baby Blue," that cemented her place in the cultural zeitgeist. Set in a dystopian society that bans expressions of failure, grief, and mental illness. Her illustrations have graced the pages of numerous Swedish publications, as well as prestigious venues such as The Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm, Botkyrka Konsthall, and the Accademia di belle arti di Bologna.

Made for the many

The BLODLÖNN mirror can be set up as wall of mirrors to create an optical illusion, making the space appear larger than it is, like creating an illusion of the table's length beyond the wall.

The IVAR shelves are another smart design feature, facilitating easy borrowing and returning of items to their original spot. The communal storage wall helps to keep everything organised, from tables and suitcases to board games and tools, promoting a culture of sharing and reducing unnecessary consumption.

The NORDEN foldable tables provide flexibility, allowing the space to transform into a gym or yoga studio in just a minute, or a playfield for kids in the building. The tables can be extended or folded away to suit different activities, and can be borrowed for various occasions, such as workshops, birthday parties, or dinners. They can also serve as an extra workspace and kitchen for party preparation, with dinnerware, glasses, and bowls available for communal use

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