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Robin Falck: Bring in the great outdoors

Robin Falck, a 32-year-old inventor and industrial designer from Helsinki, has an intriguing passion for both the great outdoors and futurism. His innovative work is dedicated to imagining what the future may hold, particularly when it comes to playful methods of generating renewable energy. It's an exciting endeavour that promises to usher in a new era of sustainable living. 

Let nature in

Seamlessly integrates the outdoors into your home with the HOVET mirror that becomes a portal that channels the natural world into the living space. Meanwhile, the HÖVOLM offers an elegant storage solution through its mounted rack that facilitates the organisation of daily essentials such as clothes, yoga mats, and dried herbs.

For those seeking an escape from the clamour of city life, PERJOHAN provides a wooden storage bench, while RÖNNINGE chair and table made with natural materials invite one to commune with nature. Additionally, the use of a natural wood cart as a base to grind and brew coffee further enhances the aura of rusticity and promotes relaxation.

To evoke a sense of adventure use the RACKA, a practical backpack for bed linen, which can be hung from a curtain rod. This touch imbues the space with an element of "camping" and underscores the importance of the outdoors in the design.

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