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Store who you are

We believe that storage isn’t just the great enabler of passions and activities. It can also be beautiful and self-expressive. A unique way of showing who you are and expressing what you’re passionate about. 

Here, we show people’s passions and hobbies – and how they store them. Strong individuals with unique passions as inspiring examples of how you can make storage into something creative that’s truly your own.

From a Brazilian cake-baking virtuoso to an organic tie-dye artist in Brooklyn, and from a touring drag performer to a vertical urban gardener – we have collaborated with 11 amazing individuals to co-create the storage solutions they need to live their passions. Be it flexible storage for photography, pyrography and pottery making, or clever ways to display vast collections of videogames, books, and spices. Real people, real stories.

Let’s be proud and show who we are through storage!

Circular living

The four R’s for saving the Planet! Rethink, reuse, repair andrecreate. 

When we extend the life of products and materials, we limit the resources taken for the Earth, giving it more time to repair and regenerate. So, let’s eliminate waste and chuck out over consumption because what’s good for the planet is good for us!

Creative living

Some say creative work is what makes life worth living, it allows the creator to be courageous enough to put themselves out there and discover endless possibilities along the way. So, let’s celebrate those who treat their homeslike a blank canvas! 

A highly creative and playful home that truly reflects your personality and passions in life. A place that nurtures your mind, curiosity and interests is good for your health.

Healthy living

The world agrees on few things, and a healthy way of life is one thing we all strive for. Caring for the health and wellbeing of both individuals and community is how we come together as a society.

So, let’s create homes that are safe and healthy, where you can recharge and feel your best. A personal space that reflects your identity, and where everyone feels welcome and cared for.

Nomadic living

Society isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The need to be free, the wind in your hair and the sun in your face is a lifestyle choice that opens the door to adventure and means you’re always ready to go!

So, discover furniture and accessories that are easy to assemble and dismantle. And choose storage that doesn’t require drilling holes as you explore the open road called home.

Passion living

Home is whatever you dream it to be, be it a museum, gallery, playgound, vintage shop, library or whatever your heart fancies.

Creating a creative and playful home that truly reflects your personality and passions in life allows you to express yourself in every way imaginable. It provides you with a purpose and becomes a guiding light on your creative journey.

Shared living

Sharing is caring as a wise person once said, and we all know how universally true that statement is. By sharing what we have with others, we give birth to a community of sharers, we save money, and we promote a peaceful more fulfilling way of life.

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