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The creative family

In Cologne, Germany, Anna and her family have an insatiable passion for creativity. An interior designer, she and her husband have a great passion for all things creative, which has inspired their two kids to get creative too.

From painting to paper crafts, they revel in creatives activities, “Anything that can make our hands dirty is great!” says Anna with a big smile. But with so many materials and tools, organisation can be a challenge.

Organisation is key for creativity

That's why Anna and her family turn to IKEA's innovative storage solutions. The TROFAST mesh storage boxes are a particular favourite, allowing the family to easily see what's inside and encouraging the children to learn the art of organisation.

The TROFAST shelves and boxes in different colours are another ingenious combination. The space above the partition is perfect for storing paper rolls, while the deep box can hold larger pieces like paper masks. And with the HULTARP kitchen rails, Anna and her family can beautifully display their finished works of art using the SYRLIG curtain clips and hooks.

Flexibility is key in Anna's home, which is why the LINNMON/KRILLE work desk on wheels is a perfect fit. It can be easily moved depending on the family's needs, whether they're creating individually or as a group. And for the little artists in the family, the MÅLA Paper roll holder with storage is a dream come true, allowing them to keep their drawing paper, pens, and wax crayons all in one place.

Through IKEA's innovative storage solutions, Anna and her family can focus on what they love most: letting their imaginations run wild and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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