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The cake virtuoso

Aline is a Brazilian IKEA co-worker living in Portugal  – and she’s passionate about baking cakes! During the pandemic, Aline started baking also for friends and family. Soon, her cakes got so popular, that they now have become a prosperous side business. In particular, everyone loves her famous Brazilian "brigadeiro“.

With more sweet-toothed customers showing up every day, Aline now spends even more time preparing, baking, and decorating delicious cakes. Which means that she needs sturdy solutions for storing and organising all her bulky kitchen accessories, jars, bowls, and baking utensils.

Baking is all about the ingredients.

Containers and jars in transparent glass make it easy to see and find the yummy stuff you are looking for, regardless of where you might (mis)place them. Jars with oven-proof glass are also easy to clean and don’t stain or absorb any taste or smell.

Getting creative is just so much easier with everything within arm's reach. With rails and hooks on the wall, you can hang your tools and utensils right on the wall, just like in a professional kitchen. It’s also a quite clever storage solution for small spaces that can easily be adapted to suit specific needs. Using a trolley is also a smart way to get yourself a little extra storage unit in the kitchen. Or make it your designated “balking trolley” that you roll out when it’s time to bake. Fill it with all your baking-specific tools and utensils, to separate from the rest of your kitchen gear.

Baking cakes is also about precision, especially the decoration part. To make it fun and effortless, you need the right baking tools. Like a springform pan with spring-locked detachable sides, so that you can easily remove your favourite creations. And spatulas of all kinds, both rubber for broader strokes and stainless-steel offset spatulas for the final touches.

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