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The savvy reader

Jacqui is a library assistant with a true passion for books, books, and even more books. She loves reading and even publishes her own book reviews on Instagram. For her reviews, Jacqui adds a fun visual twist by always dressing in a special outfit inspired by the cover of the presented book.

With a passion that is literally growing with every book she reads, Jacqui needs book storage that fits her style and lets her display an ever-growing number of books, outfits, and accessories.

Jacqui’s small studio apartment

is a true multipurpose room. A smart place to store books that’s also a creative space for reading, writing, and taking photos for her Instagram reviews. It’s a place to make her books shine, like in a beautiful library.

The HAUGA high cabinet has a nice library-like feeling, with open shelves for books on top, and closed storage for papers, work documents, and other less exciting things below. Adjustable shelves make it easy to fit books of different sizes. To avoid clutter and create a coordinated design look, you can also use boxes and filing cabinets in a style and colour that fits with your room. 

For this expression, the KVARNVIK boxes have a suitable ”bookish” style, with woven paper on the outside and a classic pattern inside. Handwritten labels add a nice writer’s touch that also makes it easy to label – and find – what you are looking for. Nice to combine with HYVENS, a practical box for papers, pens, and other small things.

To maximize vertical space, a BERGSHULT shelf above the cabinet can be cut and adapted to the exact length that you need. A good way to add some extra levels of storage without disrupting the beautiful symmetry of the cabinet below.

For even more flexibility, a foldable BEKVÄM stepladder makes it easier to reach things up top, and a trolley offers good extra storage. It’s also nice for moving books around, like a real librarian.

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