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Food waste warrior

Nureen is a culinary conservation master. As the founder of Feed Me Good, she educates others on the art of food preservation, emphasising the reduction of waste as a key component. And with her innovative storage solutions, Nureen ensures that no scrap goes to waste.

A central tenet of Nureen's approach is the use of smart storage techniques to prolong the life of all kinds of food. With her arsenal of jars and containers, Nureen can preserve a plethora of different foods, from homemade pickles to fresh herbs.

Food stored is food saved

To keep all of her carefully preserved goodies organised, Nureen uses a variety of home furnishing solutions. For example, the ENHET Wall shelves offer a sleek and stylish way to store jars and bottles, while the KORKEN jars themselves are ideal for preserving and storing homemade treats.

But Nureen's ingenuity doesn't stop there. She also uses KORKEN jars to keep onions in water, encouraging the growth of new roots and enabling her to keep these alliums fresh for even longer.

And when it comes to fresh fruits and vegetables, Nureen knows just how to keep them from ripening too quickly and getting spoiled. By storing them in KNAGGLIG wood boxes and letting air circulate around them, she can slow down the release of ethylene gas and extend the shelf life of all her wonderful produce.

With these and other innovative storage solutions at her fingertips, Nureen is able to save money, reduce waste, and become a self-sufficient culinary master. So, take a fresh leaf out of her book, and start preserving your food like a pro!

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