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The floral stylist

Laura is a gifted flower designer from Italy who learned to appreciate the beauty of nature at a young age. Growing up amidst the picturesque woods, she found inspiration in the natural world which is reflected in her work. Her approach to floral design is grounded in sustainability, as she strives to minimise waste and maximise the use of natural materials.

According to Laura, "What nature leaves, I use in my studio." She scavenges for broken branches, foliage, hay, wildflowers, and often discovers unexpected materials to incorporate into her designs.

Creating the natural order of storage

Despite her love for accessible storage, Laura has always found it challenging to organise her materials. However, with the help of some well-chosen IKEA solutions, she’s figured out a way to store her supplies effectively and stylishly.

One of Laura's favourite storage solutions is the FABRIKÖR glass-door cabinet, that helps accelerate the drying process of flowers and herbs. She also appreciates the VARIERA shelf insert for creating additional storage space and the UPPDATERA boxes for organising small items.

To air-dry leaves and flower petals naturally, Laura uses the SMARRA woven bamboo box. This decorative box keeps everything within reach but not always visible. Meanwhile, the BUMERANG hanger with clips allows her to hang fresh or drying flowers and adjust them to suit her needs. The hangers also help to preserve the flowers' shape.

Finally, to add an emotional touch to her storage solutions, Laura incorporates the KROPPSVARM potpourri bag, which emits the intense scent of dried lavender leaves.

Through her sustainable floral design and thoughtful use of storage solutions, Laura proves that practicality and beauty can coexist. Her passion for nature and creativity shines through in every arrangement she creates.

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