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Living Room

One space Unlimited possibilities

Decorate your living room with love because it is the space for daily relaxation and family gathering! Whether it's a sofa that let you lie and strech, a comfy chair and side table that give you a cozy corner, or a bookcase that shows your personality, there are many possibilities!

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At IKEA, we believe the only way to lower a price is by making sure that quality stays the same. That is why we spend so much time looking for the best way to design, produce and (flat) pack everything.

In the end, you can pay less, for more beloved products:

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Sitting or lying on VINLIDEN sofa feels like a cosy embrace. You sink into large, soft cushions, and the sofa is also super easy to assemble and disassemble ⎼ so you can take it with you if you move!

This sofa-bed makes it easy to have a good night's sleep. Effortless to convert and with practical storage for bedding and pyjamas.

LOMMARP storage series is inspired by traditional carpentry, combining style and functions for today's urban lifestyles. With distinct details and matte colours, it adds personality and character to the room.

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How to: create a living room to love

▲Before the remake

Ah, the joy of moving into a new home. The possibilities! See how a newly moved-in couple used inspiration, paint, and a bit of perspiration to transform brightly bare walls into a living room to go gaga over.

▲After the remake

It’s easier than you’d think. If you’ve moved into a new home – or simply want that feeling – you can do the same. Here’s how, one step at a time.

Made for you, more colourful sofas

Fancy a quick makeover? We’ve got more covers to choose from in a variety of colours and materials to help you find something that suits your style. It is one of the easiest ways to breathe new life into your seating and whole room.

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The generous size and memory foam that adapts to the contours of your body invites to many hours of naps, socialising and relaxation. 10 year guarantee.

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A loyal friend that’s been in our range since 1979. Functional side table that is easy to assemble and also price friendly!

Selected series

KIVIK series ›

A memory foam sofa adapts to your body for comfy support, and it’s a place where memories are made. Playing games, watching movies, snuggling – KIVIK sofas are designed for being together.

EKTORP series ›

The rounded edges and wonderful softness of our EKTORP loose cover sofas are not to be underestimated. With strong seams, removable cushions and washable covers, this is a durable sofa series that can withstand the wear and tear of life day after day, year after year.

BESTÅ series ›

Our modern TV stands reflect how we entertain ourselves these days – with a lot of options. We have stands that work for wall-mounted TVs and ones with bases, too. And you can choose whether you want doors or drawers for modern living room furniture with a tidy, sleek look in a style you love.

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BILLY series ›

Once upon a time, a little bookcase became a beloved classic around the world. And, like most things small, it grew. BILLY is a modern bookcase, now more customisable and used in many more ways than just for books. BILLY can be as small and humble or as big and proud as you want it to be.

POÄNG series ›

Staying popular is hard. Our POÄNG modern armchair has retained its appeal for over forty years and counting. It’s one great chair, though: bentwood makes it strong and flexible, its design follows your body for comfort, while its soft bounce will turn you into a fan the moment you sit down.

KALLAX series ›

KALLAX is stylish, simple storage shelving that does a lot. Place it on the floor, mount it on a wall or turn it into a desk to transform your living area. KALLAX shelves are available in different sizes and colours and are easy to personalise with a selection of doors, baskets, dividers and more.

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Most of IKEA sofa enjoys 10 years guarantee.

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Plan your dream kitchen, your perfect home, office or wardrobe storage system. Play with colours, styles, sizes and configurations to plan your way to perfection with our easy to use planning tools.

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Living room storage one-on-one design

Our living room experts provide you with one-on-one design service. You can also watch online class for more storage tips.

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