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Removal service

On delivering your new mattress or sofa, we will take the old one away  for you at the same time.

What we do
• When we deliver your new mattress or sofa, we will take the old one away. It makes life a lot easier when you’re replacing a big piece of furniture.
• If the item we remove can’t be reused, we recycle it - making sure it has the minimum possible impact on the environment.
• During the removal process, the size of old sofa or mattress should be suit for moving out from your Door, IKEA will not provide Window lift service.

Service pricing
That’s how much it costs us to remove it. We don’t make any profit on furniture removal.

How to book
Order it when you purchase the new sofa or mattress.
This service is only available for the cities where have IKEA stores. If you shop at and want to have this service, please contact IKEA customer support centre for more details.

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