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Removal service

Before making a purchase, please read and confirm the following information:

• If you purchase new furniture from IKEA, we will provide removal service for the old furniture of the same type as the new purchased furniture to take away the old furniture at the same delivery address to our processing company. This allows you to easily replace your old furniture. For online customers, please consult our online IKEA Customer Service.

• Dismantling old furniture is an irreversible operation, and the furniture and debris removed cannot be guaranteed to have the same functional capabilities as before. Our onsite staff will inquire if you wish to retain or partially retain the old furniture, and if you indicate that you do not, they will clear the scene and transport the old furniture to our processing company for minimizing the impact on the environment as much as possible.

• Please ensure that the size of old furniture (especially sofas or mattresses) can be smoothly removed from your home. IKEA does not provide window lifting services.

• Before dismantling, staff will protect the floors and walls involved to ensure that they are not damaged during the process. However, if there is unavoidable damage or detachment of wall tiles, or adhesive residue, etc., due to completely removing old furniture, the staff will inform you after on-site inspection before commencing dismantling to avoid any additional costs.

Old furniture removal category as below:

 服务项目   收费标准
 Sofa removal     ¥149/pc
 Mattress removal     ¥149/pc
 Dining table & chair removal     ¥149/pc
 Chest of drawer removal     ¥149/pc
 Small furniture removal*     ¥149/pc
 Wardrobe removal     ¥249/pc
 Bed removal     ¥249/pc

*Small furniture removal includes: bedside table,sideboard, hat and coat stand, shoe cabinet, coffee table, corner table,dressing table+stool,  desk+chair.

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