Delivery service

Most of our products are flat packed and designed in such a way that they can easily fit in your car. However, if you prefer to have your purchase delivered, you can choose among our range of delivery options.

Shopping at and IKEA APP

If you’re placing an order online, we offer the following delivery options:

Shopping at your local IKEA store

If you shop at IKEA store, we offer the following delivery options:

For online order:

Parcel delivery

Parcel range is based on weight less than 30kg, length less than 1.0m, width and height both less than 0.7m, and total length of each item less than 1.65m.


  1. Live plants, food, articles with assorted colours, metered fabric, knives, large vases, wall/floor mirrors and rolling package mattress are excluded.

Delivery Area

Online delivery area covered 301 cities in China. Most of parcels in majority cities will be delivered within 3 days when the stock at good condition but will be some delay if the stock on the way of transit or during peak period. For the collected customized sofa cover, the parcel will be delivered within 8 days because of production on demand. You can check your delivery area availability by filling in address at shopping cart page with products added.

Delivery Price

¥9.9/Parcel package. (Delivery prices may vary depending on distribution from different warehouses.) One package should<30kg. For packages over 30kg, additional parcels will be sent, at a rate of ¥9.9 for each additional 30kg.

For purchase in store:

When visiting our stores, you have different options to have your purchase delivered to your home. And, we don’t just stop at your front door, we deliver all the way to your room of choice.

Delivery service

Most of our products are flat packed and designed in such a way that they are easy for you to take home yourself. However, we can arrange home delivery for you within the store delivery area at a low price. See details below for more information about deliveries in your area.

Delivery price:

When the truck delivery order less than 300kg,
-      Start from ¥99/order, for the cities where have IKEA stores.

The price of out of city, please check with IKEA co-worker.

When an order is over 150kg, there is additional charge of ¥60 per 150kg.

If an order is over 2000kg or 20m³, please contact IKEA business.

-      Packaging service

¥40/ticket for product packaging including fragile ones.

¥70/piece for disassembling and packing As-Is products.

If you need help to carry products onto 7th floor and above without taking elevator, we would charge ¥30 per floor.

Price is valid from 15th Mar. 2020.


● Please make sure that consignee is available at the appointed time & address, if not, you need to pay delivery charge again.

● If you need to change the delivery time for your personal reason, please contact IKEA customer support centre at least one day before the promised date, choose the new date, and finish the 2nd time delivery within 7 days after the original booked date. Details please refer to the date which aligned between you and IKEA customer support centre.

● If it needs to delivery into compound apartment, please make sure the handrail and footstep is in place, and the width of corridor is more than 80cm in order to secure enough space for carry big furniture like mattress or sofa.

● For safety reason, delivery service through windows or balconies is not available.

Picking with delivery service

Choosing to take advantage of this additional service will save you time and energy. You can buy as much as you want without worrying about locating, lifting and loading your furniture. And you can relax knowing that it will all be delivered quickly to your home or office. Once you have chosen your furniture products, simply make a list of the items you want and place an order with an IKEA co-worker. The co-worker will guide you through the process and arrange to have your furniture picked and delivered.

Delivery price:

Start from ¥119/order.


● Separated picking service is not available.

● Picking with delivery service only for store self-serve furniture, excluding fragile, plants, sewing fabric and bargain corner items.

● Products with picking service are not guaranteed in stock. Customers could go for Exchange and Returns process if products on picking-list are out of stock.

● The products price on picking-list is the same as in store price as when the list is generated.

● The service charged is not refundable if the picking task is already executed.

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