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The self-sufficent gardener

Cheng Yee, a resident of Melbourne's bustling Central Business District, has recently discovered the restorative power of gardening. In response to the pandemic-induced lockdowns and the ensuing disruption of the food supply chain, Cheng Yee and her fiancé transformed their modest 8 square metre balcony into a self-sufficient garden.

Not only has this endeavour provided them with a sense of security, but it has also had a profound impact on their wellbeing, soothing their anxieties and lifting their spirits.

Building your barn doesn’t need space

To support this newfound passion, Cheng Yee requires a range of storage solutions for her gardening tools and supplies. Enter JOSTEIN, the versatile shelving unit that can be customised to fit any space. By tying ropes to the JOSTEIN clothes rack, she can even create a sturdy framework for her plants to climb. And with the RÅSKOG trolley, Cheng Yee has easy access to all her necessary gardening tools, while the HÖGSMA cutting board conveniently doubles as a mobile workstation.

Of course, with gardening comes a lot of mess. But fear not, for the SAMLA boxes provide an efficient storage solution for heavy and soiled plant pots. Stackable and transparent, they make it easy to keep track of everything. Meanwhile, the SENAPSKÅL Decoration greenhouse provides a supportive environment for Cheng Yee's herbs and climbing plants, while also doubling as an attractive display case for her treasured souvenirs. And when it's time to harvest, the FLÅDIS baskets make collecting fresh vegetables a breeze.

In sum, Cheng Yee's balcony garden is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, demonstrating that even in the face of adversity, we can find solace and joy in the simple act of tending to the earth.

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