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PJ party

The pyjama project. Turn your living room into an overnighter for your besties. Friends, music, snacks and a night to party. Throw in creative mocktail options for toasting. With a pj party everyone’s ready for bed when the night ends—or when morning comes!

Location: Living room
Time of day: Night time
Duration: 5 hours, once a month

Host a slaying pyjama party.

How to throw a memorable pyjama party

Sharing funny moments with friends increase our connection with others. Doing it in a safe environment like your home gives you an extra level of freedom to express yourself and enjoy. Pyjamas are the ultimate symbol of relaxation. Wearing them makes you feel great and their comfort guarantee ease of movement. The perfect outfit for the greatest choreography. A non-alcohol party is a refreshing and enjoyable social experience. People are free to connect and have fun without the social lubricant that makes them not be themselves. Not to mention the absence of hangovers!


  • Welcome your guests. Ask everyone to come dressed in their pyjamas, and you can even choose a theme to match with your friends!
  • Make room by moving the furniture to the sides and create a central area where you can dance and perform the choreography.
  • Delight your friends with some tasty snacks like FESTLIGT chips and a delicious mocktail.
  • Mix DRYCK FLÄDER elderflower syrup with soda and add some ice cubes prepared with red fruits for extra flavour.
  • Press play on VAPPEBY speaker and start dancing. You have all night to enjoy and have fun!
I low-key love a good night in with pyjamas, friends and a boogie.
Pierre-Émile@pierreemilelv on Instagram

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