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Jam sesh

Wristbands not needed. Turn your living room into an unplugged concert. Getting together with friends to play live music creates lifelong bonds. Plus, there’s no line for the potty or running for the stage.

Location: Living room
Time of day: Afternoon
Duration: 4 hours, once a month

Invite friends for a jam sesh.​​

How to host an acoustic festival at home

Research shows we have a dedicated part of our brain for processing music. A part that connects music to special memories and important moments in our lives. Listening or playing music releases endorphins and dopamine, a perfect combination to make you feel amazing. Making music together evolves creativity, self-expression, and builds confidence.


  • Start by setting the scene. UTSUND fairy lights are the best way to get in a celebration mood.
  • Continue by adding GLIMMA tealights around the room. Don’t forget to follow the safety recommendation of use. They will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere and make you feel comfy.
  • Sharing is caring. Invite your friends over and why not ask them to bring some snacks to share. Music, food and good times together.
  • Let the music come to life. Start singing a song, sway to the music and enjoy.
Some days are good while others are great. All I need is music and good friends. on Instagram

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