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Nerdy notes

In-the-moment notes. Write. Draw. Doodle. Express yourself in whatever quirky, weird way that you feel. Not all journals need to be slow and mindful. Spontaneous expression captures your mood whenever and however it comes. Put it on display and share with your family or flatmates. It’s a fun uncommon way of journaling compared to a regular notebook. Time to free your mind.

Location: Living room
Time of day: Evening
Duration: 20 minutes, daily

Share the quirky being you are.

How to express yourself through art

This ritual offers a creative outlet to express thoughts and emotions visually, fostering personal growth and discovery. Sharing thoughts and creations on the memo board promotes open dialogue and strengthens connections among household members. Engaging in drawing and doodling activities provides a therapeutic escape, reducing stress and promoting relaxation. Regular use of the memo board as a journaling station encourages the development of artistic skills, unlocking new levels of creativity and imagination.


  • Find a visible spot and set up your memo board for creative expression, easily accessible to everyone you live with and, why not, to your guests if you feel comfortable.
  • Gather all your art supplies like MÅLA whiteboard pens, scissors and sticky notes nearby for spontaneous drawing and doodling sessions.
  • Don’t forget the eraser! Creativity is always a journey, and sometimes you need to get rid of things.
  • Express yourself. Use the SVENSÅS memo board to freely draw, doodle, or write your thoughts and feelings throughout the day. Display your memories, maybe the receipt from that nice restaurant you went to.
  • Encourage others to contribute their own creations, fostering open communication and shared self-expression.
All the great ideas trapped in our heads, we let free on the board.
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