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Make an entrance

At home, it’s opening night every week, and your family are the stars of the show! By personalising your own stage curtain, you can embrace everyone’s creativity and make the stage truly yours. So that you're ready to perform countless tales in front of an audience of stuffies.

Location: Living room
Time of day: Evening
Duration: 60 minutes

Shine with the joy of performing together.

How to make a home theater for your children

Performing on stage tickles the imagination and boosts children’s (and grown-up’s!) self-confidence, while acting out roles and stories improves language skills and cognitive thinking. When you play and perform with your kids, it also promotes togetherness and bonding – and you’ll make happy memories that will last a lifetime!


  • Create your own personalised stage curtain by painting a BJÄRSEN shower curtain. Let the kids be the set designers with MÅLA paint and pens, under the supervision of an adult.
  • Use a BOTAREN shower curtain tension rod to set up your stage curtain in a hallway or doorframe.
  • Draw back the curtain to perform the play of the week in front of an appreciative audience of guests or soft toys. When the play is over, take the curtain down and put it away until next week.

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