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Light a mood

Candlelight is known for its soothing and healing ambience. During the dark Swedish winters, lighting candles and tea light candles throughout the home is a common way to switch from work mode to relaxed mode. Let the glow and scent create a sanctuary foryour body and mind.

Location: Living room
Time of day: Night
Duration: 60 minutes

Relax in the warm glow of burning candles.

How to make your home cozy with candlelight

Relaxing candlelight brings out warm memories and creates a sense of belonging, while low light helps calm the mind and reduce stress. Having lit candles at home improves your mood and sharpens your focus on the present moment.


  • Put a group of different ADLAD candles and FENOMEN candles together. Use a stable base like the GLASIG candle dish and make sure there’s a safe distance between the candles.
  • Pick one unifying scent – such as wood or vanilla – to create a relaxing environment that will feel calm and cozy, with a hint of magic.
  • Add more candle groupings in different parts of the room, until you find the right mood and the perfect balance.
  • Turn off devices and electric lights for a complete mood change. Enjoy the peaceful flickering of flames until you feel relaxed and ready for bed.

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