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Small bites, big connections

What are drinks without food? Tapas are small dishes served with drinks in Spain. Nibble on a little bit of everything – or stick to your favourites – while enjoying the good company of dining with friends. Use your classic recipes, or enjoy some delicious leftovers for a waste-free evening.

Location: Dining room
Time of day: Evening
Duration: 2 hours

Revel in good company while snacking like a Spaniard.

How to be the best host

An informal tapas meal sets the right mood to relax and enjoy your time with your friends.Small portions like tapas allow you to try and discuss more dishes, and conversation over a shared meal brings everyone closer together.


  • Cook or buy some tapas – or invite your guests to each bring a tapa. Bread is essential!
  • Drinks are a must – wine, beer or non-alcoholic drinks are all good.
  • Serve the dishes in small portions on a casually-set table. Small bowls, IKEA 365+ serving plates and a serving tray like a PROPPMÄTT chopping board are ideal.
  • Skip the plates – just give guests forks, spoons and GRUPPERA napkins. Let them stand around the table and enjoy the conversation.

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