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Table for two

You walk, play, sleep and travel with your dog. Why not have dinner together too? Set a table for two tonight, to make cooking and eating even more enjoyable – and a sweet bonding moment for the both of you.

Location: Living room
Time of day: Evening
Duration: 30 minutes

Celebrate friendship by dining with your furry friend.

How to spend quality time with your dog

Dogs are great companions and spending time with them is a true source of happiness, calm and reduced anxiety. Cooking for two takes no more energy than cooking for one, and it also means less leftovers – your furry friend will be happy to finish the food! 


  • Create a menu that’s healthy and enjoyable for both of you.
  • Set the table with some KALAS bowls and plates at your dog's level – even the floor! Your friend will appreciate the consideration.
  • Decorate (and protect!) the table with a nice SVARTSENAP place mat and light some ÄDELLÖVSKOG LED candles to create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Plate your meal and enjoy the moment together.

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