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Lost in creation

Getting lost can be a good thing! Take a walk somewhere you don’t know and allow yourself to get lost for a while, then draw a sketch to document what inspires you. Urban sketching is a  practice that will open your mind and get your creative juices flowing – no matter your skill level.

Location: Outdoor
Time of day: Afternoon
Duration: 2 hours

Find inspiration by being lost in the city.

How to find creativity in the world around you

Exploring and sketching unfamiliar places makes you more aware of the world around you and increases your attention to details. A city is an unlimited source of inspiration – there is always something to explore and sketch around every corner. Walking without a destination also distracts you from the exercise you're getting – you’ll walk longer without even noticing!


  • Pack MÅLA drawing supplies and water in a PIVRING backpack and head outside. Walk aimlessly by following your instincts, not a map or your phone.
  • Keep walking further into the unknown for more opportunities to discover something new. This is great if you're traveling!
  • Once something captures your attention, find a place to sit and sketch what you see. Try to capture the moment as you see and feel it. 

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