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Kitchen services

All the help you need to make your dream kitchen a reality

At IKEA we believe everyone has the right to a new kitchen. So apart from offering a wide range of kitchens we also offer a wide range of services, including measuring, planning and installation. Everything you need to make your dream kitchen a reality.

Our complete installation service

The most convenient, time saving way to get your new kitchen installed. Our complete installation service is exactly that - a full service from start to finish. Your kitchen will be installed to the highest standards and comes with a guarantee on all worksmanship. We’ll even remove all the packaging and make sure it’s disposed of in an environmentally sustainable way.

The complete installation service includes:
• Assembly and installation of all cabinets.
• Installation of worktops, including cut-outs for the sink and hob
• Installation and connection of sink and tap
• Installation and connection of IKEA electric and gas appliances
• Installation and connection of IKEA worktop lighting
• Installation of cover panels, handles, and interior fittings (shelves, baskets, etc.)
• All packaging is taken away (unless customer wishes to keep it)
• Installation guarantee ensuring good craftsmanship
• Talk to your local IKEA store for details. Prices start from: 000

Need an extra hand? Here are our services.

Kitchen measuring service

We’ll arrange for an experienced professional to visit your home and measure your space. Then you’ll be sure to get the precise measurements that are so crucial to your new kitchen.

Kitchen planning service

Our kitchen planning specialists can help you plan your dream kitchen. We specialise in making the best use of space so you get a kitchen that suits the way you live or work.

Kitchen installation service

When you buy an IKEA kitchen you can save valuable time with professional installation, especially when it comes to the hard stuff like electricity, appliances and carpentry work. You have the choice of complete or partial installation

Picking with delivery service

With our new picking and delivery service, we do all the heavy lifting for you. We’ll collect all the kitchen products for your order and deliver everything to your home or office.

Delivery service

We’ll deliver your kitchen components to your home or workplace. We don’t stop at your front door - we take it to whatever room you want.

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