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Ultimate relaxation, bring summer holiday to your balcony

Air-dry clothes indoor to prepare your home for the rainy season

The popular hanging dryer brings more fun for laundry!

Easy-to-use floor cleaning kits

In the rainy season, too much moisture easily breeds mold and bacteria, where clean environment keeps the family healthy. Ventilate and clean more frequently to keep your home dry and clean.

Turn balcony into a laundry room

Discover an affordable laundry solution that fits your balcony perfectly. JONAXEL can be customized to your space and personal needs and can fit even in the smallest of balconies!

BOAXEL series

A space that is easily go between chores and me time.

Your balcony is not only for laundry but also everyday nook. A bit of planning combined with flexible furniture make it possible to both have room for storage and easily shift between activities.

More Recommendations

SKÅDIS series

In your kitchen, hallway, study or bathroom, it’s perfect for keeping things handy.

MULIG series

Budget-friendly basics for sorting, storing and drying your garments

SAMLA series

Our SAMLA storage boxes with lids are ideal for storing a lot of stuff without taking up a lot of space.

SKUBB series

The boxes and hanging organisers in different sizes mean you can divide and rule your clothes, shoes and accessories so you find everything fast.

TJUSIG series

From a coat hanger to a modern shoe rack, it’ll help you cut clutter and stress and save you time, every day.

STUK series

Stuk series are very flexible, affordable and real problem-solvers.

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