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Turn your closed outdoor space into a flexible laundry room

Discover an affordable laundry solution that fits your closed outdoor room perfectly. JONAXEL can be customised to your space and personal needs and can fit even in the smallest of balconies!

Let your washed clothes hang and dry without dripping on anything by building a JONAXEL combination where the clothes rails hang at the bottom.

Make smart storage out of small space with the help of JONAXEL frame and wire baskets. It's narrow and can fit in many places, and the castors make it easy to pull out when you need a clear overview.

Don't let small spaces stop you from ironing your clothes. JÄLL is small enough to stand on your washing machine, and the legs are easily folded – just hang it on a rail when not in use.

Vertical storage gives a good overview of all the little things that you store in your laundry area. SKÅDIS comes with accessories, like small shelves and hooks, that help you organise your washing powders, clothes pegs, and lonely socks.

Shallow storage, like TRONES shoe cabinets, frees up precious floor space in a small closed balcony. And you can of course store more than shoes in them, use them for seasonal storage too!

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