There’s never a bad time to start dreaming of warmer weather. That’s why we have the basics for planning your comfy outdoor hangout.

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Retreat your friends to lazy afternoons

It’s summer, it’s time to retreat your friends. Prepare your courtyard for hot days with cool products. With different chairs, outdoor lighting and dinnerware, you set a table – and mood – that no one wants to leave.

Staycation made easy

Don’t have money for your vacation getaway? No problem — just decorate your balcony instead, and have your vacation at home! 

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ÄPPLARÖ series

Whether you like relaxed outdoor dining or soaking up a little sunshine, the ÄPPLARÖ contemporary garden furniture series is all you need to create the perfect outdoor living space.

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Start by choosing an underframe, then add a top in aluminium, glass, or wood. Voilà! You have a table. Do the same for chairs, benches, and reclining chairs, too. Add cushions for extra comfort.

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HYLLIS series

Can be used both indoors and outdoors, and is just as suitable on the balcony as in the kitchen, hallway or bathroom.

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RUNNEN series

You can upgrade your balcony or terrace in an instant and also section off an area for lounging and for dining. 

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HAVSTEN series

Generous seats, fluffy cushions as well as elastic mesh fabric make the sofa comfortable.

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