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Sleepy stretches

Set yourself up for a good night’s sleep – every night. Stretching before bed releases the tension and stress of the day and makes you feel more relaxed before your head hits the pillow. Sweet dreams ahead!

Location: Bedroom
Time of day: Night
Duration: 20 minutes

Relax your body before falling asleep.

How to stretch your body for sweet dreams

Stretching before bed keeps your muscles and joints flexible, making your body feel lighter and more at ease, ready for a restful sleep. This makes it easier to fall asleep, allows your body to recover better during your sleep, and makes you feel fresher in the morning.


  • Put on some calming music to help you relax. Grab your ENEBY portable speaker, get into your pyjamas and head to bed.
  • Use a LAPPTÅTEL pillow or KÄRLEKSGRÄS cushion for support as you do some gentle stretching. Move slowly to release any tension in your arms, legs and back.
  • Breathe into your muscles as you stretch them. Co-ordinate the movements with your breathing.
  • Do a sequence of at least six different stretches, until you feel fully relaxed. Lay down, pull the covers over you and drift off to sleep.

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