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Home is a collection of firsts

The first time to gallop in the kitchen, the first time to experience the alternative art of life, the first time to find a child's heart ......
Every home is a witness to our numerous firsts. Enjoy making memories and growing up with your home!

The kitchen is not just a place to cook, but also a stage to showcase. 
While unlocking a new experience for the family to enjoy together, you can also explore the potential of kitchenware.
A creative life is never limited by space.

There is a kind of thoughtfulness, called put away freely. 
Flexible kitchen furniture not only makes the three meals a day more tasty. 
It is also the "key" to open all kinds of first time, bringing you an endless way of life.

Good furniture, understanding your joy and tiredness, in any moment of need, can give just the right support. 
Just like the VIMLE sofa, you can put it together as you like and enjoy a new home life.

VIMLE  sofa series 

VIMLE sofa series can help you to realize this desire.
The low and deep modular design allows you to create a layout that fits your personal home environment, and the kids can easily climb up to stay with you. Plenty of invisible storage space for extra toys.

Enjoy the fun, but also enjoy the quiet, you have multi-faceted emotions, furniture, of course, must also be all aspects. 
Multi-functional home furnishings can help you put your life in order for the "first time". 
You can also help you from the playful mode quickly switch back to the daily state.

The "adaptable" furniture can stay with your child for a long time, growing taller with him, exploring his "first experiences" in life. 
Accompany him through the spring, summer, autumn and winter, not to miss every surprise of growth.

SMÅSTAD series 
—— "grows" with your child

Build a colorful childhood for your child with a flexible and clever storage system. SMÅSTAD storage series can really consider the problem from the child's point of view, not only can enjoy the fun of storage in daily life but also will grow with the child, adapt to their changing storage needs.

Children grow up only once, so they naturally need to be taken care of. 
Use a bed that can be adjusted according to height and age to start your child's first independent sleep!

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