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 Open the door to celebrations

Enjoy life in the New Year

How are you going to reward yourself and your family in the New Year?

Why not start by creating a cozier living environment? Add some comfortable and easy-to-use new furniture. Make your home the place where you can relax, recharge and enjoy your life!

New FÖSSTA Collection

Welcome the Lunar New Year in style and enter into the spirit of the rabbit with the new FÖSSTA Collection. Beautiful, practical, and above all, fun, FÖSSTA perfectly blends the contemporary with the traditional.

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A good mattress that knows what you need

This mattress uses an innovative S-shaped mattress core with two layers of pocket springs to fit the body's curves and precisely adjust the force according to the different parts of the body - the softer springs support the heavier parts of the body and help the body maintain balance and consistency.

Bring the ocean home with the BLÅVINGAD collection

Surfing dolphins, curious sea turtles or playful octopuses? Why not pick a few unique sea creatures to take home and accompany your child to grow up in the new year.

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