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Why work with us? Because a job with us is so much more than a job.

What’s it like being an IKEA co-worker?

The IKEA family of co-workers currently numbers over 200,000. When asked what they value most, they usually say the IKEA culture and the friendly workplace that it offers. And being part of a team that’s doing good things together.

Our shared values and culture is a large part of what makes IKEA unique, both as a brand and a workplace. Visit any IKEA unit anywhere in the world and you’ll find co-workers putting their shared IKEA values into practice.

Growing together

A place where everyone plays their part

The contribution of every single IKEA co-worker is valued. When the going gets tough, we “kraftsamlar”. That’s the Swedish word for pulling together. We don’t care about titles or status. At IKEA, everyone is known by their first name and is encouraged to speak up.

We want you to take a job you don’t know how to do

At IKEA, your qualifications and experience won’t limit what you can achieve. If you take the lead, we’ll give you all the training and support you need to take your career in any direction you like. Globally speaking, 88% of IKEA managers have been promoted from within.

We’re all-in on equality, diversity and inclusion

For us it’s a no-brainer. A diverse, inclusive and gender-equal workplace is a better workplace. We now have a 50/50 gender balance in our management positions and are working towards making this a reality throughout our business by 2022.

Making a positive impact

Make millions of people look forward to coming home

We believe that everyone has the right to a beautiful home that makes their lives easier. And that good design is for everyone, not just the rich. So, when you work with us, you’re actually working for all kinds of people all over the world.

Caring for the planet by doing more with less

Last year, our co-workers helped save and repurpose 39 million returned, damaged and discontinued products, giving them a second life. It’s just one example of how we’re addressing sustainability at IKEA, to prevent product waste and become fully circular by 2030.

We’re looking for people who think a lamp should play music

Rules are made to be broken, right? After all, we didn’t get where we are today by following the crowd. We believe in the power of a good idea, especially an unexpected one, which is why we make musical lamps, beds disguised as sofas and sleep aids that look suspiciously like blackout blinds.

The future is an upgraded version of today

We believe that tomorrow can always be better and that we can all play our part in improving things. All it takes is an open and curious mind and some elbow grease. We don’t know exactly where we’re going to end up, but we’re looking forward to the journey. And in a world where most things remain undone, our choices are endless.

Want to help millions of people create better lives at home?

Now more than ever, home is the most important place in the world. And we’re always looking for people who share our desire to make that place a little safer, more comfortable and more beautiful. So why not join us in improving the many people’s lives around the world?

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