Many ways to grow

At IKEA, we offer exceptional career and learning possibilities. You will be encouraged to try different roles, change between functions and even move abroad (if that´s what you want).

As leaders we believe in our people, involve our people and care about our people to make them all feel important. Your personal development is important for us too.

Here at IKEA we offer many ways to grow. Your destination, your path and how you get there is yours to decide.

At IKEA, careers are not traditional. We encourage you to follow your passions and try new roles in local and global environments.

Travel the world with IKEA

At IKEA careers are not traditional, they are as different as you are. We encourage you to follow your passions, try new roles or keep growing in a position you love. In IKEA there are many ways to grow. It’s not ‘one size fits all’. We offer great opportunities in local and global environments. Your journey is unique, according to your development plan and the future goals of IKEA.

You can work across functions and processes. You can grow by working in another department, unit and/or country. You will not only be part of a new context, but you will also get new assignments and a wider perspective of the IKEA business.

Work areas

+ Food and Restaurant
- Food and Restaurant
+ Health & Safety
- Health & Safety
+ IT & Digital Solutions
- IT & Digital Solutions
+ Interior Design & Visual Merchandising
- Interior Design & Visual Merchandising
+ Leadership & Management
- Leadership & Management

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