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Recruitment Process

At IKEA we have a unique recruitment process to find the right people and for you to find the right job. When you find a position that is interesting for you and apply, you will receive a reply within 30 days. If the interest is mutual, what comes next is an interview. For some jobs, you might be asked to do a test such as on behaviors, cognitive abilities or technical skills. The process then moves to additional interviews including with your potential manager. If we mutually agree that you are the right candidate for the job, you will receive an offer including terms and conditions.

Through-out the process we share results and feedback with the candidate.

We believe that each and everyone has something unique to offer. So discover what it’s like to work at IKEA, and see our available jobs.

Work areas

  • Administration & Support Services

    You’re ready for anything. You keep track of things. You enjoy helping everyone do what they do better. Faster. With less fuss, fewer hitches and headaches. You plan the events and manage the guest lists. You thrive on being an administrative magician who keeps offices, processes and organisations running smoothly. Thank you!

  • Business & Consumer Insights & Analytics

    You help IKEA people make better decisions. Getting big insights from big data. Analysing business and customers so people can make fact-based decisions. Knowing the trends before they’re trends. Developing a deep understanding of consumer behaviour and people’s lives at home. Then turning all that knowledge into a better everyday life for IKEA customers.

  • Business Development

    You like finding innovative ways to improve every part of the IKEA value chain. Making IKEA accessible to more of the many people. You enjoy getting involved with a variety of projects, initiatives, touchpoints and processes to create long-term value. Helping IKEA grow. Transforming the IKEA business for the better.

  • Customer Relations

    You’re naturally good with people. You anticipate what customers need and want in every contact with IKEA – in the store, on the phone, online and at home. You set up services, gather feedback and make things right. You build relationships. By doing what you do, customers find they have a friend in IKEA. Want to make some friends?

  • Design & Product Development

    You develop products and solutions that make life better. You lead and connect people to transform design into real products for real people – from the factory floor to the customer. You’re guided and inspired by Democratic Design – the IKEA view on how to create sustainable products with beautiful design, good function, great quality and low price.

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