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Jakob Dackander

Bedroom Sales, Sales

“I see the chance to travel with my job.”

Bedroom Sales Jakob Dackander

How did you get started in IKEA and what have you done so far?
I started in bedroom sales in the summer of 2014. I worked during the summer so I could afford a ticket and visa to Australia. I then applied for a job in Sydney at IKEA, where I worked with logistics. During the weekends, I got to work with what I wanted which was selling beds. It was weird because the range is different over there. I did that for four and a half months and then went to travel. During my time in Australia, I stayed in contact my manager in Älmhult and when I came home to Sweden they offered me a summer job. That’s almost a year ago now. And I’m selling beds again.

Why did you want to work with IKEA?
The biggest reason is the possibility to travel and the international opportunities. I knew that it would be a possibility if I work with IKEA. What I do here in Älmhult I could easily do in any other country.

What are the most inspiring responsibilities or tasks you have in your current role?
The most inspiring thing is the ability to help people. Like right now I work mostly for bedroom and it’s very difficult to choose a right bed if you don’t know what you’re doing. My knowledge comes from IKEA training. You learn stuff through IKEA. And then I can really help people and make their lives better.

What advice would you give someone thinking about this job?
If you just be yourself, people are going to accept you for who you are. And that’s the same with the customers. They accept me for who I am. When I’m out on the sales floor I don’t necessarily try to sell as much as I can. I just try to be myself and talk to people like I normally would. When I was at my interview I think they recruited me for that reason, being myself. It doesn’t make sense to change that. Be yourself.

What is your favourite aspect of the IKEA culture and values?
Togetherness. The fact that your leader is not above you in any way. They have different responsibilities, but I can come to my boss with anything. I’m only 21 years old, but when I come to my boss with an idea they take me seriously. They don’t wave me away because I’m new. Everyone can contribute with some parts. If it’s only a few people it won’t work. It’s together. Down to earth.

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