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IKEA 2017 by numbers

SEP 2016 - AUG 2017

Many companies, organisations and people – together – shape IKEA. Each and every person, idea and solution contribute to the big picture. Here is a selection of facts and figures that give a glimpse of the IKEA year that passed.

IKEA unites thousands of co-workers and hundreds of companies with different owners all over the world. IKEA is one brand but it reaches millions of hearts and homes.

In more homes

The IKEA retail business generated 38.3 billion Euro in sales, which means there are now more lovely bedrooms, beautiful kitchens and smarter storage than ever before.

IKEA retail sales*:

38.3 billion Euro

*excluding consumption tax.

The most popular IKEA showroom never closes

People are visiting in huge numbers. In 2017, we reached a total of 2.3 billion visits globally.
That’s what you call responsive design!

IKEA website visits:

2.3 billion

The more, the merrier

More and more people are visiting IKEA stores. In 2017, we reached a total of 936,000,000 visits. That’s a lot of happy faces!

IKEA store visits:

936 million

New IKEA stores worldwide:


Yellow circle: New IKEA store in 2017
Blue circle: New IKEA store in new country: Serbia

From Älmhult to

403 stores

In 59 years ...

More people than ever before now have access to an IKEA store. Our first store in Serbia was also our 400th worldwide. At the end of August 2017 there were 403 IKEA stores in 49 countries.

1958 – Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA founder, outside the first store in Älmhult, Sweden.
2017 – Happy IKEA co-workerscelebrating the opening of the 400thIKEA store and the first store in Serbia.

Doers often wear yellow and blue

The number of IKEA co-workers is growing. There are now over 190,000 co-workers working together, having fun together and making life at home a little better. Every day.

IKEA co-workers:


Welcome to the light ages

By only offering LED lighting in the IKEA product range, IKEA customers have been able to reduce the energy consumption around the globe.

Estimated energy reduction per year*:

3.3 billion kwh

* Assuming that the customer changes one incandescent light bulb to an LED bulb and that it’s lit 3h/day for one year.

This year, RYET LED light bulb was launched. With an astoundingly low retail price, it’s truly making LED affordable for the many.

Plastic being reborn

We are working hard to use less and less new raw material in IKEA products. For example, in 2017, 11 million old PET bottles were given a new lease on life when they were turned into KUNGSBACKA kitchen fronts.

Recycled 0.5 L PET bottles:

11 million

The IKEA franchise system

The IKEA retail business is operated through a franchise system with franchisees that are authorised to market and sell the IKEA product range and operate IKEA stores and other sales channels in specified geographical territories. Inter IKEA Systems B.V. is the owner of the IKEA Concept and the worldwide IKEA franchisor. 11 different groups of companies own and operate IKEA sales channels under franchise agreements with Inter IKEA Systems B.V.

*From FY17 IKEA retail sales figure includes sales of services to IKEA customers.

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