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Xuzhou Store

Welcome to our family friendly store!

IKEA provides a lot of useful Home Furnishing solutions and tips for you! Well-designed, functional home furnishings available for everyone. Let’s make your dream homes come true with IKEA.

Opening hours

Store:: 10:00 - 21:00

Restaurant: 9:00-20:30

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Xuzhou store address

No.128, He Ping Road, Economic Development District, Xuzhou

Cross roads of He Ping Avenue and Han Yuan Avenue

You can take Metro Line 1 to exit 2 of Qiaojiahu station. 

You can take No. 72 to Cuiping Mountain Office station;
Or take No. 32, No. 90 to Huanhu South Road station;
Or take No. 10, No. 25, No. 70, No. 80, No. 112 to Junting Lake Station;  

You can drive to the East entrance of the store parking lot (Longhu West Road) Or store parking lot north entrance (En Yuan Road).

You may take Bus Line 72 and get off at “Cui Ping Shan Ban Shi Chu” stop;
or take Line 32, 96, or 207 and get off at “Huan Hu South Road”,
or take Line 10, 25, 70, 80, or 112 and get off at “Jin Long Hu”,
or take Line 90 and get off at “Jin Long Hu”.

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