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Hangzhou Store

Brand new IKEA Hangzhou Store has 60 inspirational room settings, more than 8,000 products, 700 seats in restaurant and free Smalland which is the great place for you and your family to spend whole day to enjoy!

Opening Hours


Mon.-Fri. 10:00-21:00


Mon. – Fri. 10:30- 20:30

Sat. – Sun. & Public Holidays 09:30- 20:30



Store Address

No.5 West Qiaomo Road, Yuhang District

Line 9 at Qiaosi station, take exit No.B

Take bus 339、387、770、770interval、788interval at Metro Qiaosi station,
Take bus 770A、309 to Shier Bao station,
Take bus 339、387 to Yonghe Road intersection station,
Take bus 398、788interval to Qisosi Middle School station,
3-5 minutes’ walk on arrival.

Path1: Hangzhou downtown>Liushi expressway>Hangzhou Belt expressway>Qiaozhong Road> Ikea Hangzhou store
Path2: Hangzhou downtown >Desheng Viaduct Road> Hanghai Road > Ikea Hangzhou store
Path3: Hangzhou downtown > Desheng Viaduct Road > Donghu Viaduct Road > Hanghai Road > Ikea Hangzhou store
Path4: Binjiang、Xiaoshan district > Jiangnan Avenue>Airport Expressway>Donghu Viaduct Road >Hanghai Road>Ikea Hangzhou store
Path5:Linping district> Donghu Viaduct Road >Donghu South Road> Hanghai Road > Ikea Hangzhou store

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