Tips for planning a smart kitchen

Easy tips for kitchen organization

Interior Fittings

A great kitchen is one that solves those everyday problems, like how to fit loads of stuff into a small space (and how to find it again). Kitchen interior fittings are a great way to get the most out of your kitchen.

Wall storage

When cabinet and drawer space is in short supply,wall storage can fill the gap. Create your own solution with rails, shelves and magnetic racks that make everything easier to grab and also make a style statement.

The secret for a tidy washing area

Say goodbye to the messy preparing area! With the professional instructionsfrom IKEA kitchen, and enjoy the preparation time before cooking.

Let modern appliances improve your kitchen

From a perfectly baked pie to a dish that’s spotlessly clean, we just can’t do it without them.That’s why we make kitchen appliances you can count on.

Lighting ideas for kitchen

Ideal kitchen not only needs to provide the basic lighting. The surprising lighting inside drawers and wall cabinets shows the extra consideration from IKEA kitchen.