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How can you improve your sleep quality

Getting a good night's sleep helps you get a good start to your day. That's why, when it comes to your bedroom, all the fine details really matter. Which position do you normally sleep in? What sleep needs do you have? Try to get a better understanding of your sleeping habits and let IKEA help you choose the bedding you need to get a sound sleep.

Factors that affect sleep

Different materials for different needs of you

Memory foam -- soft and offers comfort and support

Polyester -- soft, fluffy, and easy to clean

Natural latex -- good elasticity and cloud-like comfort

Feather/down -- fluffy, breathable, and feels like a soft hug

Different mattress materials

Choosing the right mattress material depends on your body, sleep habits, and sleep requirements. Materials will vary in hardness and support and the internal structure will also affect the overall air circulation. If you have allergies or back pain, then you should consider choosing a latex mattress because it prevents dust mites and offers better support.

Ways to Make Your Mattress More Comfy and Last Longer

A mattress protector helps make mattresses more durable, fresh, and clean. It also reduces daily wear and tear. Not only will it help keep your mattress clean, but it will also enhance its performance and comfort.

Mattress protector

Mattress pad


Most IKEA mattresses are packed in rolls for easy transport.

Before use

Leave the mattress bare for 3-4 days after opening to allow it to return to its original state. A new mattress will have a unique but harmless odor that will dissipate slowly. Place it in a well-ventilated area or use a vacuum cleaner to speed up the process. A new mattress needs time to adapt.

Cleaning and care

Use a mattress protector for easy washing and cleaning, or use a vacuum cleaner with a mattress brush head to clean up the dander and mites. Do not bend the mattress so as to avoid damaging its internal structure.

Change mattresses every 8-10 years for the best sleeping experience.

Pick a quilt according to the ambient temperature

Bedding size instructions

Customize your sleeping comfort

Not sure how to choose the right bedding for you? Leave it up to us! In just a few simple steps, we can recommend exactly the right mattress, pillow, and quilt to match your sleeping habits and needs.

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