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The TRIXIG series has most of what a DIYer needs – from cordless drills to screws. Perfect when you want to complete your toolbox or give a housewarming gift to someone who has recently moved.


  • A screwdriver/drill is perfect to have at home for drilling in wood, plastic and soft metal materials, as well as for tightening/loosening screws.

    On the top side of the screwdriver is a magnet that holds your bits and screws in place while you work.

    Ergonomically shaped design with a rubberised handle that gives you a good grip when screwing or drilling.

    The built-in LED light helps you see better when working in wardrobes or other dark spaces.

    The boxes in the TRIXIG series are stackable and are all made of durable polypropylene plastic, of which at least 50% is recycled.

    Please refer to packaging label for country of origin

    Comprises: 1 box, 1 screwdriver/drill and 1 rechargeable lithium-ion battery (12V/1.5 Ah).

    USB-C cable and battery charger (5Vdc/min. 1A) to charge the included battery are sold separately.

    Bits are sold separately. Feel free to complete with TRIXIG bit and drill set.

    There is also room in the box for an extra battery; TRIXIG battery pack which is sold separately. Good if you want to work without interruption.

    Charge the battery fully before using it for the first time.

    Charging time for the battery: 2.5-6 h, depending on the capacity of the charger.

    Adjustable torque: 19 + drilling.

    Max. rpm (no-load speeds): 900/minute.

    Chuck: 0.8-10 mm, keyless, quick-fit quick-release chuck.

    Only for indoor use.

    Max. torque: 16 Nm.

    Rotational direction switch for rotation right or left.

    D Wahl/ A Andreevski/ C Asmussen/ K Shadley
  • Product dimensions
    24 cm
    18.8 cm
    12 V
    6.8 cm
    Battery capacity
    1500 mAh
    Packaging info
    package quantity
    8 cm
    29 cm
    Net weight
    1.34 kg
    4.2 l
    1.39 kg
    18 cm
  • Care instructions
    Wipe clean with a damp cloth.,Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
    Environment and materials
    ABS plastic, Synthetic rubber
    Box/ Lid/ Divider:
    Polypropylene plastic (min. 50% recycled)
  • Item #
    Assembly instructions
    Item #
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  • "The simplicity and functionality of Scandinavian design was our starting point when we created the efficient and ergonomic hand and power tools in the TRIXIG series. Our focus on durability, weight and grip comfort makes them easy to use, even in confined spaces and for longer periods of time. Everything so that you can feel confident in taking on all kinds of DIY projects throughout the home – and feel really proud and satisfied with the results!"


screwdriver/drill, li-ion, 12 V

  • USB-C cable and battery charger (5Vdc/min. 1A) to charge the included battery are sold separately.

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