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This mid-size box is perfect for storing everything from seasonal decorations to sports gear. The transparent plastic reveals the contents inside so you can easily find what you are looking for.


  • This sturdy box is made of transparent plastic – practical for storing away seasonal things and hobby items. Complete with SAMLA lid to make the box stackable.

    If you want to protect your things from dust and dirt, you can complete with SAMLA lid, 45/65 l.

    Put an end to searching for things you stored away - with SAMLA boxes. The transparent plastic reveals the contents inside so you can easily find what you are looking for.

    Suitable for storing seasonal items, sports equipment, gardening tools or washing and cleaning equipment.

    Please refer to packaging label for country of origin

    Fits SAMLA box with lid, 45 l and 65 l.

    WARNING! With the lid on, the box is airtight. Therefore, do not let young children play in the box.

    To avoid the risk of tipping, we recommend a stacking height of max. 90 cm. Always store heavy things at the bottom.

    Tested and approved for bathroom use.

    Only recommended for indoor use.

    Possible to recycle the plastic parts, if available in your community.

    Not approved for food contact.

    Mia Lagerman
  • Product dimensions
    56 cm
    39 cm
    28 cm
    45 l
    Packaging info
    package quantity
    28 cm
    56 cm
    Net weight
    1.23 kg
    60.2 l
    1.23 kg
    39 cm
  • Care instructions
    Wipe clean with a soft cloth dampened in water and a mild washing-up detergent or soap, if necessary.
    Environment and materials
    Polypropylene plastic
  • SAMLA boxes comes in diffrent sizes and fit everything from small tools to large seat cushions. With complementing inserts and lids you can organise your things, stack the boxes on top of one another and protect the contents from dirt and dust. The lids has an integrated click lock function and is sold separately. Because the boxes are transparent plastic, you can easily see what's inside. The largest SAMLA box even has adjustable castors that make it easy to move.
    When SAMLA boxes are stacked on top of one another a vacuum of air forms, which can make it hard to separate them. Just push or pull the long sides of the box lightly as illustrated above. This lets in a little air and makes it easy to separate the boxes.


box, transparent, 56x39x28 cm/45 l

transparent 56x39x28 cm/45 l

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